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Vertex Standard FNB- 83: 1400 mAh Ni-MH Battery - 1400 mAh - Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) - 7.2 V DCBattery Rechargeable: Yes Battery Size: Proprietary Battery Size Battery Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Capacity: 1400 mAhOutput Voltage: 7.2 V DCWeight (Approximate): 7.05 ozCompatibility: Vertex Standard Two-way Radio Series: VX-131 VX-132 VX-160 VX-168 VX-170 VX-177 VX-180 VX-210 VX-210A VX-218 VX-400 VX-800
FG4648B Four foot Noground plane CB antenna kit Black
PURPOSE: The FGX-648 (where X = antenna length in feet) series, 'No ground plane" (NGP) CB antenna kits were specifically designed to solve the problems associated with the lack of ground plane. This normally occurs on vehicles constructed of plastic, fiberglass, wood or aluminum. Ground plane problems typically show up in the form of high standing wave ratio (SWR) and poor performance. The isolated ground plane that is built into the FGX-648 series kits can also eliminate problems on metal base vehicles that lack the sufficient ground plane for proper operation. COMPONENT INFORMATION: ANTENNA: The antennas used in these kits is altered in order to maintain a desirable center band position when used with the tuned coaxial feedline. Accordingly, these antennas may only be used with the NGP cable. The antenna used in these kits have our patented "no tools required" tunable tip for fast and easy SWR adjustments. The rated wattage for these kits is 100 watts. COAXIAL FEEDLINE: The seventeen-foot ( 5.2 M) coaxial cable used in these kits is of the highest quality. We use a multi-wire stranded center conductor to the prevent breakage that can occur with solid center conductor cable. The coaxial feedline serves as a tuned circuit that creates the necessary counterpoise. If a longer cable length is required, the user may add standard RG-58 A/U cable between the radio and system cable, preferably in lengths that are multiples of nine feet. Because it is a tuned circuit, the length cannot be reduced without causing non-repairable damage. MOUNT, SPRING AND HARDWARE: To compliment the quality of the antenna and feedline, the mount used in these kits is our stainless steel, 3-way 90 angle mount. A stainless steel spring with machined brass ends acts as the coupling between the antenna and the feedline. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Each kit includes a FREE microphone hanger.
Elorac Inc
Tank For MOTOROLA NTN8299 NTN9862 Battery XTS3000 XTS3500 XTS5000 Radio US STOCK
18 Month Warranty Highest Quality Cells and Components Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications. QMB8299-3800 Volts: 7.5V Type: Ni-MH Color: Black Capacity: 3800MAH Warranty: 2 Year Warranty Compatible: OEM Model#: Motorola NTN8294, NTN8294A, NTN8294AR, NTN8294B, NTN8294BR, NTN8299, NTN8299A, NTN8299AR, NTN8299BR, NTN8923, NTN8923AR Fits in: Motorola XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS4250, XTS5000, TETRA MTP-200, MTP-300, Cosmo
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P56517 DShape 2Wire Headset for Motorola CLS1410 and CLS1100 2Way Radios PMLN5001 HKLN4599 56517
Size: 56517's P-56517 D-Shape earpiece is a 2-Wire headset for the Motorola CLS1410 and CLS1100 two-way radios, including the CLS, XTN, RDX, DTR, and AX series. CLS1110, CLS1410, DLR1020, DLR1060, XV1100, XV2100, XV2600, XU1100, XU2100, XU2600, DTR410, DTR550, DTR650, RDV2020, RDV2080d, RDV5100, RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDU4100, RDU4160D, RMU2040, RMU2080, RMU2080D, RMM2050, RMV2080, M-Series and AX Series. This headset features a swivel ear piece which allows you to use it on either ear for comfort, and a combined microphone and push-to-talk button, for easy and unobtrusive use of your two-way radio. This product is manufactured by, and is designed to match and replace the 56517, HKLN4599 and PMLN5001.
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BAOFENG BF-888S UHF FM Transceiver High Illumination Flashlight Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio
This BaoFeng/Pofung BF-888S Two way radio is a great long range handheld transceiver. It is the best radio for short distance communication. It is simple to use, economical and it conveniently fits in your pocket. It works great for communicating at home, making long distance communication with your friends and family members much easier. Communicating while in the garden is a breeze. Working on a farm? No problem. With the BF-888s communicating at a distance is now possible for you. Even communicating during the preparation of a party or wedding, or even just for upstairs/downstairs daily communication, a pair of mini radios will sure be your greatest helper. Functions: 1. Frequency: 400- 469.995MH z 2. 16 channels 3. 1500mAh Li-ion battery 4. 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS 6. VOX Function 7. Voice Prompt 8. PC Programming 9. Emergency Alarm 10. Intelligent Charging 11. Battery Save 12. Low Voltage Alert 13. Time-out Timer 14. FlashLight
Air Tube Earpiece with PTT for Motorola 2 Way Radio CP88 CP040 CP100 CP110 CP125 GP68 GP88 GP88S GP300
Acoustic tube design covert from people around;Quick release earpiece design, lould sound tranfer;The silicon ear sert cancel the background noise;Push to talk button makes talking easy without rising the radio;clear audio transmit. Compatible with below radios:Motorola:GP Series: GP2000,GP2100,GP300,GP308,GP68,GP88,GP88S P Series:P040,P080,P110,P1225,P1225LS CP Series:CP88,CP040,CP100,CP110,CP125,CP150,CP200,CP250,CP300 SP Series: SP10,SP21,SP50+,SP50 XTN Series: XTN446, XTN500, XTN600 XTN XV Series: XV1100, XV2100, XV2600, XV4100 XTN AX Series: AXV5100,AXU4100 CT Series:CT150,CT250,CT450,CT450LS PRO Series:PRO1150,PRO2150,PRO3150 DTR Series:DTR410,DTR550,DTR610,DTR650 Other Series: GTI,GTX,LTS2000, VL130,PMR446,ECP100, PR400,Mag One BPR40, EP450,AU1200 CLS Series: CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450, CLS1450C,VL50 Spirit Series:SV10, SV11, SV11D, SV21, SV12,SV22, SV22C,SU210,SU22,SU22C,SU220VHF/UHF Spirit,Spirit Pro,Spirit Pro+,Spirit HP 10 Spirit MU Series:MU11, MU11C, MU11CV,MU12,MU12C, MU12CV,MU21C,MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVS,MU24CVST Spirit MV Series:MV11,MV11C,MV11CV,MV12,MV12CV,MV21C,MV21CV,MV22,MU22CV,MU24CVS RDX Series:RDV-5100,RDV2020,RDU-2020,RDU2080D,RDU4100,RDU-4160D, RDV-2080D,RDV-5100 Feidaxing Radio: FDX: FD-150A,FD-450A,FD-160A,FD-460A Blackbox Series: Blackbox-v, Blackbox-u Tait Orca:5010,5018,5020,TC-700
BaoFeng BL5 AA Battery Pack for for BFF8HP UV5X3 and UV5R Radios
Style: BL-5 AA Battery Pack | Product Packaging: Standard Packaging BL-5 AA Battery Pack for BaoFeng BF-F8HP, UV-5X3, and UV-5R Series Radios. This is the BL-5 AA Battery Pack for BaoFeng UV-5R, UV-5X3, and BF-F8HP series radios. It works on: BF-F8HP UV-5X3 UV-5R (every model UV-5RA, UV-5RB, UV-5RE - etc). Models with wider bases, such as the UV-5RA take a bit more effort to install the battery pack on (but will still work) Specifications: Size: 112mm x 48mm ( Lx W) Thickness: 16mm x 30mm Weight (packaging weight excluded): 41g How to use the BL-5 AA Battery Pack: You can use 6 AA NiMh/ NiCd cells ( 1.2V ) OR 5 AA Alkaline/ Zinc Carbon cells ( 1.5V ) & 1 dummy AA (which is included). **If you use 6 AA Alkaline or Zinc Carbon cells, the receiver works but the radio won't transmit Includes: BL-5 AA Battery Case 1 Dummy AA (required for use with 5 Alkaline batteries)
Ear Loop Earpiece,Plstc/Metal,38inL Cord KENWOOD KHS-31C
Ear Loop Earpiece, For Use With 43Y985, 43Y986, 43Y990, 4KYC7, 4NPD8, 43Y987, 43Y988, 43Y989, Color Black, Push To Talk Yes, Volume Control No, Cord Length 38 in, Connector 1 x 3.5 mm, 2.5 mm Phone Plug, Features In-Line Push to Talk Function and A Clothing Clip Ear Piece Which Can Be Worn On Either Ear, with or Without The Removable C-Ring, C-Ring Can Be Re-Shaped to Fit Your Ear Size, Includes Radio Adapter, Instructions, Material Plastic/Metal
Motorola KEBT-071-B 2-Way Radio Battery Combo-Pack includes: 5 x SD2W-C1006 Batteries
Synergy Digital Accessory Kit
Synergy Digital
Portable Throat Mic Microphone Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece Headset PTT for Midland G6 G9 GXT550 GXT650 LXT80
Unit Type:piece Package Weight:0.061kg (0.13lb.) Package Size:20cm x 1cm x 1cm (7.87in x 0.39in x 0.39in)
Nextel Power Fone i500 2-Way Radio Battery Combo-Pack includes: 3 x SD2W-H1005 Batteries
Synergy Digital Accessory Kit
Synergy Digital
Shoulder MicTwo Way Radio Speaker Mic with 35mm Audio Jack2 Pin Radio Mic with PTT for FPCN10A FPCN30A FPEN10A Compatible with Baofung Kenwood TYT HYT Retevis Radio 1 Pack
**********Built in Microphone and Speaker - with spring clip on the backside. Water Proof Speaker Mic*****Speaker Mic has a remote microphone with Dual push to talk button. 3.5 mm Audio Jack Available for Listen Only Earpiece/Headset*****Compatible with FPEN10A FPCN10A FPCN30A Two Way Radio, also fit for Baofeng, Kenwood, Retevis and other K-Type Radio.. *****High quality microphone with crystal clear audio; Excellent for use in coffee shop, hotels, construction companies, cars and security services. *****Warranty: Intercoms passed FCC and Safety Certification, support Lifetime Quality Warranty.
Genovation Inc.
Battery for Motorola PMNN4017 PMNN4018 CT150 CT250 CT450 MTX8250 P080 PRO3150
Two-Way Radio Battery for Motorola PMNN4017 PMNN4018 PMNN4018AR PMNN4018H Compatible with the following devices CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS, GP308, GP88s, MTX8250, P040, P080, PRO3150 Compatible with Battery Part Numbers PMNN4017, PMNN4018, PMNN4018AR, PMNN4018H, PMNN4019AR, PMNN4020, PMNN4021, PMNN4053 Capacity: 7.5V 2500mAh / 18.75W h Dimensions: 124.00 x 56.00 x 20.00 mm Condition: Brand New, 100% OEM compatible! Type: Ni-MH Quantity: 1Color: Black
Centenex Electronics
Motorola RLN6302 Leather Case With 3" Swivel
Motorola RLN6302 Brand New Includes One Year WarrantyThe Motorola RLN6302 leather case with 3-inch swivel allows you to take your compatible RDX radio wherever you go. The 3-inch swivel belt with straps snaps firmly in place and stays where you need it. RLN6302 Features: Leather Case w/ 3" Swivel Works w/ all RDX Series 2-Way Radios 3" Swivel Belt Clip w/ Strap Snaps Firmly in Place
7.2v 1600mAh NiMh Two-Way Radio Battery for Motorola PMNN4071 PMNN4071A PMNN4071AR BPR40 A8
Replacement Part #: Motorola PMNN4071, PMNN4071A, PMNN4071AR Compatible With: Motorola Mag One BPR40, A8 Before purchasing, please make sure your charger is compatible with Ni-Mh technology. Replacement Battery (Non- OEM)
Motorola XTN 2-Way Radio Battery Combo-Pack includes: 4 x SD2W-H1005 Batteries
Synergy Digital Accessory Kit
Synergy Digital
XQF Heavy Duty Shoulder Speaker Microphone Mic for Motorola Radio Tetra MTP3550 MTP3500 MTP3250 MTP3200 MTP3100 Walkie Talkie
XQF Heavy Duty Shoulder Speaker Microphone Mic for Motorola Radio Tetra MTP3550 MTP3500 MTP3250 MTP3200 MTP3100 Walkie Talkie
1800mAh Ni-MH Battery Pack Replacement for Yaesu/Vertex Radios FNB-83 FNB-V94 FNB-V57 FNB-64 FT-60R VX-150 VX-160 VX-170 VX-180 VX-410 VX-420 VX-420A FT-270 Two-Way Radio
**********Replacement Two-way Radios Battery Pack For Yaesu/Vertex Radios. Battery Type: 1800mAh,, Rechargeable NI-MH Battery. Fit for Charger Model: CD-47. *****Compatible Radio Models: YAESU VERTEX FNB-V57, FNB-V57H, FNB-64, FNB-64H, FNB-83, FNB-83H, FNB-V94 STANDARD HORIZON FNB-83. *****Compatible with VX-110, VX-120, VX-127, VX-150, VX-160, VX-168 VX-170, VX-177, VX-180, VX-188, VX-210, VX-210A, VX-218, VX-400, VX-410, VX-414, VX-417, VX-420, VX-424, VX-427*****Compatible with VXA-120 Pro II, VXA-150 Pro V VXA-200 Aviator Pilot II, VXA-210 Aviator Pilot, VXA-210 Lite, VXA-220 Pro VI VXA-300 Pilot III, VXA-300 Lite*****Compatible with FT-60, FT-60E, FT-60R, FT- 250E, FT-250R, FT-270E, FT-270R, FT-277R, VX-800, VX-800V, VX-800U, HX270, HX270S, HX370S, HX500S, HX600S.
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EBL 3.6V 700mAh Rechargeable Phone Battery for KEBT-071A/53615 Motorola m53615 53615 KEBT-071-A KEBT-071-B KEBT-071-C KEBT-071-D
Compatible Models Motorola KEBT-071-A KEBT071A KEBT-071-B KEBT-071-C KEBT-071-D Motorola 53615 56315 Motorola Talkabout 5950 Bz4002 BZ4002 Em1000 EM1000R Fv500 HKNN4002A HKNN4002B Kebt-071-a Kebt-071-b T4800 T4900 T5000 T5300 T5320 T5400 T5410 T5420 T5500 T5600 T5620 T5700 T5710 T5720 T5800 T5820 T6500 T6530 T6550 T9500 T5800 T9500R KEBT-071 Safety Ensured, effectively profection Over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, over-current & short-circuit protection Lower power consumption IC Design & High capacity circulatory function, perfect replace your original batteries No Memory effect, you can use it any time and no need to discharge it fully then start to use. Package included : 1 x Two-Way Radio Rechargeable Battery for Motorola 53615
Shenzhen Lepower Electronics Co., Ltd
Walkers Game Ear GWP-RZRWT Razor Walkie Talkie, Beige
The Walker's Game Ear GWP-RZRWT Razor Walkie Talkie is custom designed to integrate onto the Razor muff. With 22 channels and up to 3 mile range- it's the ideal accessory to your Razor muff. Features Razor Walkie Talkie Custom designed to integrate onto the Razor muff Up to 3-mile range Push-to-talk and voice activatedIncludes Manual BatteriesSpecifications Color: Beige Battery Size: AAA No. of Batteries Required to Power Product: 2 Battery Type: Alkaline Power Source: Battery Radio Style: Handheld Number of Channels: 22 Dimension: 1.68- H x 6.4- W x 6.3- L Weight: 1.2 lbs
Walker\'s Game Ear
NNTN4436B NNTN4436 Motorola Battery Smart/Intrinsically Safe NiMH 2100 mAh x2
BlueGrass Wholesale provides the highest quality Two Way Radio batteries on the market. BlueGrass Wholesale offers Banshee brand batteries and Amstron Brand batteries. BlueGrass Wholesale also provides the largest selection and highest warranty. 2100mAh Ni-NH Two-Way Radio Battery Replaces Motorola APX1000 & APX4000 Battery(s)
BatteryJack inc.
Mic with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Vertex Radios VX210 VX410 VX231 VX261 VX264 VX351 VX354 VX451 VX454 VX459 EVX531 EVX534 539 35mm Audio Jack Heavy Duty Shoulder Microphone
Durable Remote Shoulder Mic with 3.5 mm Audio Jack, Detachable Swivel Clip and Kevlar Reinforced Cable, Waterproof IP55, Noise ReductionFeatures: -Heavy Duty Design-Rugged Construction-Kevlar Reinforced PU cable & Durable Coil Cord, High Tensile Strength and Long-life Design-Omni-Directional Microphone & Electret Transmit High Quality Sound Even in Loud Environments-Rugged Detachable (Replaceable) Swivel Clip-Waterproof IP55 Specification: -Dimension of /Mic: 3.05 x 2.35 x 1.05 inch -Total Length: 21.65 inch -Total Cable Length: 17 inch -Coil Cord Length: 9.05 inch -Weight: 0.35 lb Compatible for Vertex Radio As Follow: VX-180 VX-210 VX-410 VX-424 VX-231 VX-261 VX-264 VX-351 VX-354 VX-451 VX-454 VX-459 EVX-261 EVX-531 EVX-534 EVX-539
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Uniden PC78LTX 40-Channel Trucker's CB Radio with Integrated SWR Meter, PA Function, Hi Cut, Mic/RF Gain, and Instant Channel 9,Silver
Hit the road in trucker's style with the Uniden PC78LTX CB Radio. Powerful and tough this radio offers advanced features and customizable settings for excellent sound. With this radio you never have to miss another transmission even when you are driving. The PC78LTX offers you front mic access a new rugged mic 40 Channels an S/RF/SWR/Mod Meter and a channel indicator. Also included is a channel selector a TX/RX indicator instant channel 9 dim control noise blanker RF gain control a PA mode mic gain control and a Hi Cut Function. Microphone Settings for Best Sound: This radio's multiple adjustments allow you to fine tune the signal and sound for excellent clarity. Change the squelch control settings and the ANL/Noise Blanker option to reduce static and enjoy clear sound. Adjust the microphone gain to control the mic sensitivity. Integrated SWR Meter: Keep your CB station performing at its best using the CB's built-in SWR meter to precisely tune your antenna for best signal. If you're looking for a proven radio that will stand the test of time go no further. Package includes: PC78LTX CB 2-way mobile radio Microphone Mounting Bracket Kit DC Power Cord and Owner’s Manual.
QHM07 Premium Noise Cancelling Earpiece with inline PTT amp Microphone Includes Earmolds and Earbud with Clear Acoustic Coil Tube for BaoFeng Kenwood Radios 10 Pack Platinum Series
Style: QHM07 Two-Way Earpiece (K1 Plug) 10 PCS QHM07 Platinum Series surveillance headset earpiece with clear acoustic coil tube earbud audio kit for two-way radios. The QHM07 fits standard two-way radios transceivers such as, BAOFENG, KENWOOD, ANYTONE, ALINCO, and more. This surveillance headset is rugged in design and made with heavy duty material that provides superb audio quality. The reinforced earphone clip provides cable retention and eliminates strain on ear. It is 100% compatible with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and ideal for high noise level environments and discrete communications. Microphone: Sensitivity: -42dB 3dB Impedance: 300 Frequency Range: 20-20KHz Operating Voltage: 1.5 - 3.6V Speaker: Sensitivity: 114dB 5dB Impedance: 200 15% Rated Power: 500mW Max Power Input: 1000mW Frequency Range: F0-9KHz Works with the following devices: Fits standard Kenwood K1 accessory connectors (Kenwood 2 Pin) such as used in, BAOFENG, KENWOOD, ANYTONE, ALINCO, TYT, ARCSHELL, RETEVIS, and many others.
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Pack of 2 Replacement HYT PD502 PD662 1500MAH Battery-18 Month Warranty
Pack of 2 Replacement HYT PD502 PD662 1500MAH Battery-18 Month Warranty . 18 MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY -Highest Quality Cells and Components - Included Item(s): Replacement Hytera 1500 mAh battery for DMR PD502 and PD602 series radios Warranty:18 Month Replacement! Compatible Models: PD502 PD602 Part#: BL1502 Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications.
BatteryJack inc.
Midland GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two Way Radio (8 Pack)
TheKEY_TAB Midland GXT1000VP4KEY_TAB two way radio adds emergency prepardness functionality to Midland's most powerful consumer two way radio. Each radio has 22 selectable standard channels, plus 28 extra channels for extra privacy withKEY_TAB 36 miles of rangeKEY_TAB in open areas. It has 285 privacy codes that gives you up to 6270 channel options to help block other conversations.The GXT1000VP4 feature JIS4 waterproof protection against light rain and splashing. NOAA local weather alerts keeps you up to date of weather conditions andKEY_TAB whisper modeKEY_TAB allows for quiet yet audible speech.KEY_TAB Midland GXT1000VP4KEY_TAB (8 Pack)KEY_TAB Features: > Xtra Talk Two Way RadioKEY_TAB - Longer Range Communication In Open Areas w/ No Obstruction> Up To 36 Mile Range> NOAA Weather alert Radio with Weather Scan> 50 Channels & 285 Privacy Codes> JIS4 WaterproofKEY_TAB - Protects Against Light Rain & Splashing> 10 Call Alerts> SOS Siren> Whisper ModeKEY_TAB - For Quiet Yet Audible Speaking> Channel Scan> Silent Operation> eVOX - Hands-Free OperationKEY_TAB - 9 Levels> Backlit Display (LCD)> Vibrate Alert> HI / MED / LO Power Settings> Keypad Lock> Keystroke Tones> Roger Beep> Auto Squelch> Mic & Headphone Jacks> Drop-In Charger Capable> Battery Life Extender> Long Range CapacityKEY_TAB - 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs Value Pack Includes: > 2 Radios> 2 Belt Clips> 1 Desktop Charger> 1 AC Adapter> 1 DC Adapter> 2 Headsets w/ Boom Mic> 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs> Owner's Manual
Uniden SX409-3VP (3-Pack) Two-Way Radio
Uniden SX409-3VP (3-Pack) Brand New Includes One Year WarrantyThe Uniden SX-409-3VP is a powerful 40-mile two-way radio with 22 channels, which operates on industry-standard frequencies, to easily communicate with people using other models or brands. With a range of up to 40-mile, it can scan the area to find others on your frequency channel. Its 121 privacy codes per channel ensures secure conversations and also has the power boost key which increases power to about 1.7W ERP. The convenient VOX feature activates transmit while talking, even if the headset is not in use. The SX409-3VP comes with NOAA Weather Alert which alerts when hazardous conditions arise and is designed to meet JIS Level 4 Water Resistance Standards. No license is required to use the FRS Only channels (7-14). It features emergency strobe light which can be use as a flashlight or to strobe-signal SOS when in trouble. SX-409-3VP Features: Two-Way Radio Up to 40-Mile Range 22 Channels Convenient USB Charging 121 Privacy Settings Vibrate Call Alert Emergency Strobe Light License-Free Operation NOAA Weather Alerts Splash Proof JIS4/IPX4 VOX Operation Line-Of-Sight Operation 10 Selectable Call Tone Alert Headset Convenience Power Boost PTT Roger Beep USB-Powered Charging Cradle Carabiner Loop Belt Clips Emergency Blanket Emergency Tool Firestarter Carry Case
Air Tube earpiece Mic Kit for Motorola Radio GP328PLUS GP338 PLUS GP344 EX500
Covert Tube Headset Mic Kit for Motorola radio GP328PLUS GP338 PLUS GP344 EX500Lightweight earphone, rubber eartip, radio connector and clothing clipQuick disconnect earphone adapter for easy replacement of any one componentLow-profile, flexible, transparent acoustic tubeKevlar reinforced cables for added linear strengthCables made with proprietary alloy of superior tensile strength Compatible with:Motorola: EX500 EX560 EX600 EX600-XLS GL2000 GP328 PLUS GP338 PLUS GP344 GP388 PTX760 PLUS PRO5150 EliteRELM: RPV3000/3600 RPU3000/3600
Uniden BC125AT Bearcat Handheld Scanner
Uniden Bearcat BC125AT. Brand New Includes One Year Warranty.. The Uniden BC125AT is a 500 Alpha Tagged Channel Bearcat Handheld Scanner. The Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner has a feature called Close Call RF Capture Technology which instantly tunes to signals from near
Two Way Radios Long Range FRSGMRS Walkie Talkies with Earpiece 3 Pack UHF Handheld Reachargeble BF888s Walkie Talkie for Adults or Kids Liion Battery and Charger Included
Color: 3PcsFunctions: 1. Power Output: 2W2. Frequency: 400-470MHz 3. 16 channels 4. 1500mAh Li-ion battery 5. 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS 6. Voice Prompt 7. PC Programming 8. Emergency Alarm (You can turn it on using Channel 11) 9. Intelligent Charging 10. Battery Save 11. Low Voltage Alert 12. Time-out Timer 13. Flash Light Battery life and charge time test data Standby Time.......... 5-7 days Typical Use............. 1-2 days Continuous Use.... 8-12 hours Charging Time........ 4-5 hours Signal Range Open space............ 2-5km (on the sea) City & Town............ 1-2 km Inside Buildings..... 1-40 floors (Except basement) Package Includes: 3 X Walkie Talkies 3 X Antenna 3 X Li-ion battery pack 3 X US Charger 3 X Belt clip 3 X Earpiece 3 X User's manual NOTE: The product includes a 30 days money back and replace Any problem, please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you.
Natural Care
Baofeng DM-1701 Dual Band DMR Digital Radio Walkie Talkie Motorola Hynanda Compatible Black
Introductions: Under DMR model, Baofeng DM-1701 is compatible with digital Tier I & II and analog model, which can meet different communication needs. DMR Tier II covers licensed conventional radio systems, mobiles and hand portables. Two groups of calls are implemented simultaneously at one frequency point, multiplying communication efficiency and saving frequency resources. This digital walkie-talkie uses advanced AMBE 2TM voice processing technology to achieve high sound quality. In addition, it is fully compatible with Motorola Hynanda. It is well worth ordering! Features: 1. DMO True2-slot dual time slot 2. Multiply communication efficiency and save frequency resources 3. Use advanced AMBE 2TM voice processing technology 4. Digital signaling, SMS,alarm function 5. Reduce channel limitation, support UHF136-174MHz and VHF400-480MHz 6. Support channel / frequency mode 7. High and low power switching, save power 8. Power lighting function 9. Compatible with Motorola Hynanda Specifications: General 1. Frequency Range: VHF: 136MHz-174MHz ; UHF: 400MHz-480MHz(Dual Band) 2. Memory Channels: Up to 300 Channels 3. Frequency Stability: ±1.0ppm 4. Operating Voltage: DC 7.4V 5. Antenna Impedance: 50O 6. Operating Temperature: -30? to 60? 7. Dimensions: (5.24 x 2.44 x 1.42)" / (13.3 x 6.2 x 3.6)cm (L x W x H) 8. Weight: 10.58oz / 300g 9. Model: DM-1701 Transmitter 1. Ootput Power: High: 5W/Low: 1W 2. Output of Consumption: Analog=1.6A Didital=0.9A 3. Consumption: =0.18A 4. Modulation Distortion: =5% 5. Adjacent Channel Power: =-65dB =-60dB 6. Audio Response: 1~3dB 7. Digital Protocol: ETSI-TS102 361-1,-2,-3 8. Vocoder Type: AMBE 2 TM 9. FM Modulation: 16K?F3E@25KHz 141K?F3E@20KHz 11K?F3E@12.5KHz 10. 4FSK Digital Modulation: 12.5KHz for Date: 7K60FXD 12.5KHz for Data and Voice: 7K60FXE 11. Signal-to-noise(Wide/Narrow): =45dB@25KHz =40dB@12.5KHz 12. Antenna Port Spurious: 9KHz-1GHz: =-36dBm 1GHz-12.75GHz: =-30dBm Receiver 1. Analog Receive Sensitivity: -122dBm(12dB) 2. Audio Power: 1W 3. Digital Receive Sensitivity: SINAD 4. Audio Distortion:
2500mAh battery for KENWOOD NX-200 300 TK-2180 3180 3320 5220 5320 KNB-47L 48L Two-Way Radio Battery
Unit Type:piece Package Weight:0.2kg (0.44lb.) Package Size:50cm x 25cm x 10cm (19.69in x 9.84in x 3.94in)
700mAh 36V Replacement Nickel Metal Hydride TwoWay Radio Rechargeable Battery Pack for Motorola GMRSFRS Motorola M53617 53617 KEBT086A KEBT086B KEBT086C KEBT086D
Product description Specifications: Type: Replacement Battery Charging time: 2.5 h Chemistry: Ni-MH Voltage: 3.6V Capacity: 700mAh Life: 500 times cycle Package Content: Batterie Compatible Models: Motorola GMRS/FRS: Motorola 53617, KEBT-086-A, KEBT-086-B, KEBT-086-C, KEBT-086-D
Competition Dynasty
Times Microwave LMR-400 3/8" 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable, 150 Feet, Bulk Roll, No Connectors
The Times Microwave LMR-400 is a low loss braided coaxial cable. This 3/8 inch 50 Ohm coax cable has a stranded outer conductor and a bare copper center conductor. A 100 percent foil and 88 percent coverage braided shield prevents loss.This low loss cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper cables but provides higher flexibility (1 inch bending radius) and simplified connectorization. It can be used in almost any application where handling characteristics, improved shielding and low loss is required.Technical SpecsLoss @ 50 MHz: 0.90Loss @ 100 MHz: 1.2 dBLoss @ 400 MHz: 2.5 dBLoss @ 900 MHz: 3.9 dBLoss @ 1000 MHz: 4.10Center Conductor Material: Copper Clad AluminumCenter Conductor Construction: SolidNominal O.D.: 0.405 inNominal Core O.D.: 0.285 inCenter Conductor Diameter: 0.108 inDielectric Insulation: PEVOP: 85 %Nominal Capacitance (pF/ft): 23.9Shield %: 100% foil 88% braided
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Motorola Talkabout T465 22 Channels 35 Mile Weatherproof NOAA 2-Way Radios 10-pk
Motorola T465 (10 Radios) Brand New Includes One Year Replacement WarrantyThe Motorola T465 two-way radio is the high performance, ultra durable waterproof radio perfect for the serious outdoor enthusiast. The T465 two way radio offers great power, providing up to 35 miles of range in ideal conditions. With 22 + 8 repeater channels and 121 privacy codes, you will have the communication flexibility you need. The waterproof radio is equipped with a headset jack connector. This two-way radio is designed using meticulous engineering, the radio floats when it fall into water. The T465 two-way radio also features Quiet Talk filter, 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert feature, and hands-free iVox functionality. Other features includes LED flashlight, and Push-to-Talk (PTT) power boost. T465 Features: Mini-USB Charging Port Keypad Lock Up To 35 Mile Range Backlit Display VibraCall & trade; Vibrating Alert Built-in LED Flashlight 22 Channels Eco Smart - Reduces Energy Wastage While Charging Talkabout FRS/GMRS Two Way Radio iVOX Hands-Free Communication Without the Need of an Audio Accessory 11 Weather Channels 7 NOAA w/ Alert Stations 2 NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs Weatherproof (IP-54 Rated) Push-to-Talk (PTT) Power Boost Emergency Alert Button Monitor Channel Quiet Talk Interruption Filter LCD Battery Meter Priority Scan Audible Low Battery Alert 20 Call Alert Tones Dual Power: - 26 Hours Alkaline (3AA) - 10 Hours NiMH Estimated Talk Time NOAA Weather Radio Frequency Range: 462-468 MHz (UHF)
Batmax 2Pcs 1200mAh LI-42B Li-40B LI42B Li 42B 40B Batteries + Dual USB Charger for OLYMPUS U700 U710 FE230 FE340 FE290 FE360
Batmax 2Pcs 1200mAh LI-42B Li-40B LI42B Li 42B 40B Batteries + Dual USB Charger for OLYMPUS U700 U710 FE230 FE340 FE290 FE360
4 x Motorola RDU4100 RDX Series Two-Way UHF Radio - 4 Pack With Mic Bundle
The Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio is just what you need on that job site. Whether indoor or outdoor, this radio delivers its crisp and audible signal with confidence. Versatile and rugged, the RDU4100 will not only provide clear audio transmission, but will also stand up to the most demanding physical conditions. Rain, wind, or fog - this unit will withstand them all. Motorola built this water-resistant unit with heavy-duty on-site work in mind. FCCID: AZ489FT4923Manufacturer Included Items:Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio (Black)2400mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery10-Hour Plug-In ChargerSpring Belt ClipAntennaBundle Items Include:4 x Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio (Black)4 x Motorola HKLN4606 Remote Speaker Microphone1 x Goby Labs Sanitizer Spray for Microphones4 x 6AVE Electronics TM MicroFiber Cloth1 x 6 Assorted Color Velcro Straps
3in1 MultiFunction Universal Pouch Bag Holster Case for GPS PMR446 Motorola Kenwood Midland ICOM Yaesu Two Way Radio Transceiver Walkie Talkie 20C2PACK
**********Size: 125mm x 65mm x 45mm ( 4.92 x 2.56 x 1.77 in), 172g. *****Package Content: 1 x Nylon Case; 1 x Sling*****3 in 1 design(hand/belt/neck), Waist hanging, chest hanging, shoulder hanging are available. makes it suitable for all kinds of needs like police, fireman, security Guard, first-aid personnel and so on. *****Nylon case radio holder for Kenwood, Quansheng, Puxing, Wouxun, ICOM, YAESU, Motorola, Midland two way radio Walkie Talkie. *****Nylon radio holster constructed by high quality and durable nylon material, high elastic rubber.
Test AJST 20200507 1004
MOTOROLA CLS1410 Two Way Radio,UHF,1 Watt,450 to 470 MHz
Radio Application General, Radio Classification Business, Radio Series MOTOROLA CLP, Analog, Band Type UHF, Number of Channels 4, Output Watts 1 W, Waterproof No, Portable Two Way Radio, 450 to 470 MHz Frequency, Display Type LCD, License Required Yes, FCC Narrow Band Compliant Yes, Length 2 in, Width 1 1/10 in, Height 4 1/8 in, Selectable Frequencies 56, Analog Codes 38, Digital Codes 83, Navigation Aids None, Inside Range (Floors) 15, Inside Range (Sq. -Ft. ) 200, 000, Channel Scan Yes. This item has been restricted from sale in the following state (s): []
HNN9008 HNN9009 Battery for MOTOROLA MTX8250 MTX9250 PRO5150 PRO7150 PRO9150
HNN9008 HNN9009 Battery for MOTOROLA MTX8250 MTX9250 PRO5150 PRO7150 PRO9150 18 month warranty on radio batteries (covers cells, casings, and all components) Only use Highest Grade Cells All packs meet or exceed OEM QC testing Over 95 combined years’ experience in the rechargeable battery industry Manufacturer Plant is ISO9002 Certified Money Back Guarantee!!! Not Satisfied, return batteries and get a full refund.
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Kenwood KHS-33 Clip Mic With Earphone Single Pin
Earbud, For Use With 20PF27, Color Black, Push To Talk Yes, Volume Control No, Cord Length 48 in, Connector 3.5 mm Plug, Features Fits Comfortably in your Ear, Ideal for Light Duty Applications, Single Connector, Includes Earpiece, Holster, Single-Unit Drop-In Charger, Material Plastic
Arcshell Rechargeable Long Range Two-Way Radios with Earpiece 2 Pack UHF 400-470Mhz Walkie Talkies Li-ion Battery and Charger Included
Small and convenient size; it easily fits on your hand; it measures 4.53 inches in height without antenna(antenna length: 4.3 inches); 1.30 inches thick; 2.36 inches in width; 6.3 oz light-weighted; solid built; water-resistant; easy to operate for all ages; 2 Wattage power output; each radio has a removable belt clip Frequency range is UHF 400-470MHz; 16 pre-programmed channels; each radio has identical frequency on each of the 16 channels out of the box; 16 position mechanical rotary switch channel selector; when you turn the knob to change the channel, a synthesized voice will tell you the channel number; channel frequency is programmable within the frequency range; you can program any of 50 CTCSS tones and 105 CDCSS tones on each programmed channel Each radio comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging dock; the charger comes with an AC wall-wart Type A plug and works in 110v-240v; it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge; battery life is determined by transmit time; it lasts around 8 to 96 hours on a single charge depending on how much you transmit; you can charge the battery alone or charge the radio with battery installed High quality built-in speaker on the radio provides loud and crystal clear sound; Push-to Talk button and built-in mic on the radio; each radio comes with a single-earbud style earpiece (foam piece included) with a microphone built in and a Push-to-Talk button; earpiece plug is K-type of 3.5 mm plug and 2.5 mm plug; when you plug in the earpiece, all sound goes to the earpiece and the radio speaker is silent; the radio has a VOX function Range is very dependant on terrain; up to 5 miles with no obstructions, less in congested area; work great in a commercial construction or around the house; suitable for security team; maintenance team; construction team; fire department; warehouse; factory; kitchen staff; hotel; retail store; at the school; events communications; roadtrip while driving in different cars; family camping and hunting; on a cruise ship; in mountains; it works worldwide; you can add as many as you want and they work great together Specifications: Model: Arcshell AR-5 Dual band or Single band: Single band Dual frequency or Single frequency: Single frequency Frequency Range: UHF 400-470MHz Frequency Stability: ± 2.5 ppm Channel Capacity: 16 Channels Channel Spacing: 25KHz Battery Type: 1500mAh Rechargeble Li-ion Battery Operated Voltage: 3.7 V Antenna Impedance: 50O Operated Temperature: -30°c-+60°c Plug: 110V-240V AC Wall-wart Type A Radio Dimensions (with battery, without antenna): 4.53 x 2.36 x 1.30 inches Antenna Length: 4.3 inches Radio Weight (with battery/antenna): 6.3 oz Transmitter: RF Power Output: 3W Modulation: F3E Spurious Emission: =65dB FM Noise: =-45dB (W) =-40dB (N) Audio Distortion: =5% Transmitting Current: = 1.3A Receiver: Sensitivity (12dB SINAD): = 0.20 uV Selectivity: 55dB/50dB Intermodulation: =65dB Adjacent Channel Selectivity: =60dB Spurious Response: =60dB FM Noise: 45dB/40dB Audio Power Output: 1000mW Audio Distortion: =5% Standby Current: ˜15mA (with battery save on) Functions: 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS VOX Function English and Chinese Voice Prompt PC Programming Emergency Alarm Intelligent Charging Battery Save Battery Low Alert Overcharge Protection Built-in LED Flash Light Noise Reduction Channel Time-out Timer Busy Channel Lock Channel Monitor Scanning Function Broadband (Wide) 25khz / Narrowband (Narrow) 12.5 khz Selectable High or Low Power Selectable Package includes: 2 Arcshell AR-5 Two-way Radios 2 1500mAh High Capability Li-ion Batteries 2 SMA-Female Antennas 2 Chargers 2 Belt Clips (recommend using a screwdriver to install) 2 Handstraps 2 Earphones 2 User's Manuals Box Dimensions: 6.9 x 9.3 x 4.5 inches Box Weight: 48 oz
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External loud speaker. Bracket or flush mount. 5" Diameter. 4 ohms. Color: Black. 10 watt amplified speaker. ON/OFF volume control. Made from the finest materials. Satisfaction ensured.
10v@1500MAH Battery for Bendix King Relm Radio K0125E KR0105 KR0105E KX99 KS99D
10v@1500MAH Battery for Bendix King Relm Radio K0125E KR0105 KR0105E KX99 KS99D 18 MONTH WARRANTY Highest Quality Cells and Components Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications. BX125 Volts: 10V Type: Ni-CD Color: BLACK Capacity: 1500MAH Warranty: 18 Month Warranty Fits: 502, 514, BN109, DPH, EPH, EPI, EPU, EPV, EPH5100, EPH5101A, EPH5102S, EPH5102S04, EPH5140A, EPU4140A, GPH, K0125E, KR0105, KR0105E, KX99, KS99D, KS99DE, KS99DG, KS99DL, LAA0193, LAA0100, LAA0170, LAA105, LAA0106, LAA0105, LAA0109, LAA125, LAA0121, LAA0125, LPA, LPH, LPH202, LPH502, LPH514, LPH2023, LPH2142A, LPH5100, LPH5141, LPH5142, LPX, LPX1101, LPX2101, LPX5100, LPHLPX, PAA0121 & SPH5100.
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BAOFENG UV-5R Two Way Ham Radio Dual Band 136-174/400-520Mhz 5W Walkie Talkie US
Introductions: Communication while doing outdoor activities can be tricky because cell phones lose signals and become useless. At this moment, if emergencies quickly arise, we cannot keep in touch with the outside. Having a reliable way to contact friends and family and even to get help is truly a necessity and can keep you alive. This BAOFENG 1.5" LCD 5W 136~174MHz / 400~520MHz Dual Band Walkie Talkie with 1-LED Flashlight is a great device. It is strong and durable and carries a great signal. The frequency range is really quite vast and the receiving sensitivity is unmatched. Getting the security you need outdoors or simply enjoying listening to others lies in this walkie talkie. Features: 1. Adopt superb plastic material to ensure its quality and durability 2. 1.5" LCD display is easy to read data in the dark 3. Support encryption CTCSS function 4. With white LED flashlight to ensure safety 5. Compact and portable design is portable to carry and use 6. Stable performance and reliable function 7. Power saving function Specifications: 1. Model: BF-UV5R 2. Color: Black 3. Material: Plastic housing 4. Display: 1.5" LCD display professional walkie talkie 5. Frequency Range: VHF 136~174MHz / UHF 400~520MHz 6. Storage Channel: 128 7. Channel Spacing: 2.5 /5/ 6.25 /10/ 12.5 /20/25KHz 8. Frequency Stability: ± 2.5 ppm 9. Antenna Impedance: 50ohm 10. Output Power: 5W 11. Modulation: F3E 12. Sensitivity: 122dBm (128dB SINAD) 13. Powered by: 1 x 7.4V 1800mAh battery (included) Package Includes: 1 x Walkie Talkie 1 x 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery 1 x Battery Charger 1 x Antenna 1 x Bracket 1 x 100~240V Power Adapter (2-flat-pin plug / 106cm) 1 x Earphone (104cm-cable) 1 x Hand Strap 1 x English Manual
HYS TC-669ET SMA-Male UHF VHF 145MHZ&435MHZ Dual Band Flexible Antenna For Portable Ham Handheld Walkie Talkie
ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS Frequency Range: 145/435MHZ Band width: Mhz Impedance: 50O VSWR:
Truest Communication Co., Limited
75v 2100mAh NiMh TwoWay Radio Battery for Motorola NTN9815AARB NTN9858AARBC XTS1500 XTS2500 PR1500 MT1500
Replacement Part #: Motorola NTN9815, NTN9815A, NTN9815AR, NTN9815B, NTN9858, NTN9858A, NTN9858AR, NTN9858B, NTN9858C Compatible With: Motorola XTS1500, XTS2500, PR1500, MT1500 Before purchasing, please make sure your charger is compatible with Ni-Mh technology. Replacement Battery (Non- OEM)
Vision Street Wear
Battery For MOTOROLA CP040,CP140,CP150,CP160,CP170,CP180,CP200,CP250,CP340
Battery For MOTOROLA CP040,CP140,CP150,CP160,CP170,CP180,CP200,CP250,CP340 Titan® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 18 MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY -Highest Quality Cells and Components - 7.5V 2200MAH LION BATTERY DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR NNTN4970/4497 Replace OEM P/N: MOTOROLA NNTN4407, NNTN4970, NNTN4970A, NNTN4970AR CP040, CP140, CP150, CP160, CP180, CP200, CP200XLS, CP340, CP360, CP380, EP450, GP3138, GP3688, PR400 TRUE LITHIUM BATTERY Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications.|n|
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2Pcs Baofeng Battery Pack BL5 2100mAh High Capacity Baofeng Accessories for TwoWay Ham Radio DM 5R Plus UV5R MK233X45 BF F8HP UV 5RTP UV 5R V2 Series by Radio USA Warranty
Company is The Official Distributor of Baofeng, the producer of radios and accessories, would like to present you: 2PC Baofeng Battery BL-5 Li ion 7.4V 2100mAh for Two-Way HAM Radio UV-5R v2+ BF-F8HP, Radio Fast shipping & 100% USA Warranty from radio. Features: Ultra compatible with Baofeng UV-5R range of ham Radios. Compatible Models: UV 5R UV-5R1 UV-5R2 UV-5R3 UV-5R4 UV-5R5 UV-5R6 UV-5R7 UV-5RL UV-5RV2+ BF-F8 BF-F8+ BF-F8V2+ BF-F9 BF-F9V2+ NOT compatible with UV-5R EX Works well as the original one with Baofeng walkie talkies and it does not matter what color of Baofeng radio you have - green, red, blue or camouflage. 2100mAh large capacity replacement battery, a necessary backup for your two way ham radio. (Lives more than 1500 mAh, but less than 3800 mAh). No Memory effect, you can use this accessory for Baofeng radio any time and there is no need to discharge it fully and then start to use. Baofeng radio replacement battery guarantees you: Safety Ensured, effectively protection Over-charge, over-discharge, over-heat, over-current and amp; short-circuit protection. Extra longer life, upgrade your using experience with batteries UV-5R model line of Baofeng ham radios. Specifications: Type: Rechargeble Radio Battery for HAM Walkie Talkies 2 way radios. Brand: BAOFENG. Battery Type: Li-Ion / Lithium-Ion. Model of battery: BL-5. Voltage: 7.4V. Capacity: 2100mAh. Product size: Approx. 8.5 * 5 * 1.5 cm / 3.3 * 2 * 0.6 in. Product weight: Approx. 93g / 3.3 oz. This Baofeng battery can work with original Baofeng Li-Ion charger or can be used as backup.
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Replacement for Motorola PMLN6757 Earpiece fits XPR3300 XPR3500
This earpiece is a direct replacement for the Motorola PMLN6757. Our ear piece features an in-line microphone and Push-To-Talk (PTT) button for convenient and quick radio access while on the go and is comfortable for extended use. When you purchase a Titan two way radio accessory you will be getting only the highest level of quality available.Shop Titan and buy with confidence. | 18 Month Warranty | Features: Provides Clear Sound in Loud Areas, Fits either left or right ear, PTT Button | Compatible with Motorola Radios: XPR3300, XPR3300e, XPR3500, XPR3500e | All Titan brand products are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and are backed with an 18 month limited warranty | Titan Brand Speaker Mics are designed to be 100% compatible and to Exceed OEM Specs | Replacement for Motorola PMLN6757 Earpiece fits XPR3300 XPR3500
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Mic with Reinforced Cable for Motorola Radios HT750 HT1250 HT1250LS HT1550 MTX850 MTX850LS MTX950 MTX960 MTX8250 MTX9250 PRO5150 Noise Reduction Shoulder Microphone
Heavy Duty Remote mic/Microphone with Reinforced Cable, Noise Reduction Mic, 3.5 mm Audio Jack and Detachable Swivel Clip Features: -Compatible with Motorola Two Pin Mics (Microphones) -Heavy Duty Construction, Housing Made of High Impact Engineering Plastic -Omni-Directional Condenser Microphone & Electret Transmit High Quality Sound Even in Loud Environments -PU Cable Reinforced by Kevlar Fiber & High Tensile Strength Coil Cord, Long-Life Design -Rugged Detachable (Replaceable) Swivel Clip - 3.5 mm Audio Jack Available for Listen Only Earpiece/Headset Dimension Specification: -Dimension of Microphone Housing: H 3.05 xW 2.35 inch -Cable Length without Stretching: approx 17 inch -Cable Length with Full Stretching: at least 40 inch -Coil Cord Length: 9.05 inch -Cable Diameter: 1.9 inch Electric Specification: -Impedance: 815% at 1.2KH z 1.0V -Rated Input Power: 2.0W -Max Input Power: 3.0W -Output S. P. L.: 85dB5dB Microphone Electric Specification: -Type: Omni-Directional -Output Impedance: 2.2K 10% -Sensitivity: -43dB2dB (1V/Pa) -Frequency Range: 50Hz-20KHz Compatible for Motorola Radio As Follow: HT1250 HT1250LS HT1550 HT1550XLS HT750 MTX8250 MTX8250LS MTX850 MTX850LS MTX9250 MTX950 MTX950 PR860 MTP700 GP1280 GP140 GP320 GP328 GP329 GP338 GP339 GP340 GP360 GP380 GP640 GP650 GP680 PRO5150 PRO5350 PRO5450 PRO5550 PRO5750 PRO7150 PRO7350 PRO7450 PRO7550 PRO9150 PTX700 PTX760 PTX780 PRO7750 WARIS
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LAPEL SHOULDER SPEAKER MIC FOR MOTOROLA CP200 PR400 EP450 HMN9030 GTX EP450 NEW Tank BRAND - Tank TESTED - Tank APPROVED 18 MONTH FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY CUSTOMER SUPPORT - SHIPS IN 24 HOURS - ALL PRODUCT FRESH - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Compatible ModelsSpeaker Mic Offered here is one piece of Tank aftermarket speaker mic. It enables you to talk and listen without having to remove the radio from your belt. It comes with a strong long-lasting clip that swivels. Just clip the speaker mic where convenient and use it to listen and transmit. The speaker mic comes with a PTT button. Offered here is a new good quality aftermarket Remote Speaker Mic that works flawlessly with Motorola AP Models: AP10, AP50 CT Models: CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS CLS Models: CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450, CLS1450C CP Models: CP88, CP100, CP150, CP200 VHF / UHF GP & SP Models: GP68, GP88, GP88S, GP300, GP 308, GP2000, GP2100, SP10, SP21, SP50 P Models: P040, P080, P110, P200, P1225, P1225LS, PR400 PRO Models: PRO1150, PRO2150, PRO3150 Motorola VHF / UHF Spirit, Spirit Pro, Spirit Pro+ inclusive of SV10, SV11, SV11D, SV21, SV12, SV22, SV22C, SU210, SU22, SU22C, SU220, MV11, MV11CV, MV12, MV12CV, MV21C, MV21CV, MV22, MV22CV, MU11, MU11C, MU11CV, MU12, MU12C, MU12CV, MU21C, MU21CV, MU22CVS, MU24CV, MU24CVS, MU24CVST XTN Models: XTN446, XTN500, XTN600, XV1100, XV210, XV2600, XU1100, XU2100, XU2600 And others such as: ECP100, GTI, GTX, LTS2000, PMR446, VL50, VL130
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6 x Motorola RDU4100 RDX Series Two-Way UHF Radio - 6 Pack With Mics Bundle
The Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio is just what you need on that job site. Whether indoor or outdoor, this radio delivers its crisp and audible signal with confidence. Versatile and rugged, the RDU4100 will not only provide clear audio transmission, but will also stand up to the most demanding physical conditions. Rain, wind, or fog - this unit will withstand them all. Motorola built this water-resistant unit with heavy-duty on-site work in mind. FCCID: AZ489FT4923Manufacturer Included Items:Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio (Black)2400mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery10-Hour Plug-In ChargerSpring Belt ClipAntennaBundle Items Include:6 x Motorola RDU4100 RDX Business Series Two-Way UHF Radio (Black)1 x Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger6 x Motorola HKLN4604 Swivel Earpiece with In-Line Microphone & Push-to-Talk1 x Goby Labs Sanitizer Spray for Microphones6 x 6AVE Electronics TM MicroFiber Cloth1 x 6 Assorted Color Velcro Straps
Original for BaoFeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie Dual Band Two Way Radio Portable Ham Radio Transceiver UV5R Handheld Toky Woky uv 5r
Original for BaoFeng UV-5R Walkie Talkie Dual Band Two Way Radio Portable Ham Radio Transceiver UV5R Handheld Toky Woky uv 5r
Cobra MR F45-D Fixed Mount VHF Marine Radio – 25 Watt VHF, Submersible, LCD Display, Noise Cancelling Microphone, NOAA Weather Channels, Signal Strength Meter, Scan Channels, White
MAXIMUM COVERAGE – This VHF marine radio allows operation of channels in the US Canada and internationally at 1 or 25 watts with dual output power for short and long range communication. STAY INFORMED – Be the first to know of incoming hazards or changing weather conditions with instant access to 10 NOAA weather channels 24 hours a day. Weather alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm notify you of threatening weather nearby. SAFETY FIRST – Scan channels to find conversations in progress and have instant access to Channel 16 and Channel 9 for emergency situations. Use the Dual Watch feature to monitor two channels at once (Channel 16 and one user selected channel). VISUAL DISPLAY – Know the strength of an incoming signal with the Signal Strength Meter shown on the large illuminated LCD display. Navigate the various features of this radio easily with the illuminated function keys. DIGITAL SELECTIVE CALLING – Send a distress signal at the touch of a button or exchange position information with other boats stations or coast guard. When it comes to safety on the water and in the boat Cobra has your back. Color:White  |  Size:MRF45D  |  Style:Radio Cobra Electronics MR F45-D Class-D Fixed Mount VHF Radio The Cobra MR F45 is a full function DSC-capable VHF radio. The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short or long-range communication. This unit has features usually reserved for more costly VHF radio units including Dual Watch an adjustable backlight and function keys on the mic. Includes The MR F45-D includes all of the core features of Cobra's fixed mount radios like; Noise canceling microphone NOAA Weather Radio Weather Alert JIS7 Submersible Instant channel 16/9 Scan DSC call log External speaker jack Illuminated LCD display Signal strength meter GPS input capability etc. Compliant with the latest FCC specifications for Class-D VHF Radios. Features: Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling) - Allows you to send a distress signal at the touch of a button or exchange position information with other boats or stations. 1 or 25 Watts - Dual output power for short and long communication. USA Cananda & International Channels - Allows operation on any of the three different channel maps established for these areas. 10 NOAA Weather Channels - Instant access to national All Hazards and weather information 24 hours a day. Weather Alert - Alerts with an audible tone and visual alarm if threatening weather is nearby. MR F45-D Features & Specs
10X BF-888S 2800mAh Two Way Ham Radio UHF 400-470MHz 16CH Walkie Talkie
Restocking Fee: No Return shipping will be paid by: Seller All returns accepted: Returns Accepted Item must be returned within: 30 Days Refund will be given as: Money Back Type: Portable/Handheld Brand: Model: BF-888S MPN: Does Not Apply Features: CTCSS Number of Channels: 16 Frequency Stability: 2.5 ppm Operng Voltage: 3.7V Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh Talk Range: About 1-8 km Channel: 16 RF Output Power: 5W Frequency Range: 400-470 MHz
Motorola Talkabout T261TP Two-Way Radio (Set of 3), White
Stay Outside, Stay Connected, Stay Informed With a range of up to 25 miles and the freedom to communicate wirelessly, the Talkabout T261TP lets you stay in touch with family and friends, whether tackling a back country trail or camping in the woods. This lightweight, compact and durable radio comes packed with essential features, like NOAA weather channels and alerts, and iVOX/VOX hands-free communication, so it?s easy to stay in touch ? and stay safe ? no matter what your situation. Features Know the Weather In Advance Keep updated with real-time weather conditions by turning on one of 11 weather channels or initiating weather alerts. NOAA radio service may not be available in all areas. Check with your local weather office for frequency and details, or visit (Canada: Be hands-free With iVOX/VOX acting like a speakerphone and allowing hands-free communication, you can keep on moving without stopping to answer a call. 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes With 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, totaling 2,662 combinations, it?s easy to find an available channel Compatible with any radio You can communicate with other FRS/GMRS radios regardless of brand by being on the same channel and privacy code. Power Through Your Adventures There are two ways to power your Talkabout T261TP radio: use the included NiMH rechargeable batteries for up to 12 hours or use 3 AA batteries for up to 29 hours. To recharge the NiMH batteries, choose from one of three ways: connect it to your vehicle adaptor or your computer, or plug the micro-USB cable into an outlet.
MultiFunction Black MSC20C Nylon Radio Case Holder for KenwoodYaesuIcom MotorolaGP338+344328 Baofeng BF666S777S888S
Multi-function Black MSC-20C Nylon Radio Case Holder for Kenwood/Yaesu/Icom MotorolaGP338+/344/328/ Baofeng BF-666S/777S/888S Compatible With: BaoFeng UV-5R UV-5RA UV-5RB UV-5RC UV-5RE BF-888S BF-666S UV-B5 UV-B6 for Kenwood/Yaesu/ICOM Motorola GP338+/328+ GP344 HT750 OR other model radio in the same size (size: 12.5 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm).
Zollinger Racing Products
BAOFENG UV-82 Dual Band Handheld Transceiver Radio Walkie Talkie
Description : BAOFENG UV-82 Dual Band Handheld Transceiver Radio Walkie Talkie The latest radio to come from Baofeng! This radio has upped the bar on ham radio technology! Compared to previous Baofeng products (UV-5R and the UV-B Series) this radio comes with a much louder speaker (1 watt!), a more solid design with larger buttons, and a better antenna. This radio can be programmed with or without a PC to also work on private repeater systems. Functions : Frequency Range : 136-174 & amp; 400-520MHz Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Frequency,Dual Standby A/B band independent operation 128 groups channels storage Shortcut menu operation mode VFO & amp; Memory channels scan Emergency Alarm Tri-color background light selectable 0~9 grades VOX selectable PTT & amp; ANI ID FM radio and 25 stations storage 1750Hz Brust Tone Time-out Timer Channel Monitor Battery Saver Keypad Lock Channel Step : 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 KHz Low Battery Alert ROGER SET Emergency Alert 25KHz/12.5KHz Switchable FM Radio (65.0MHz-108.0MHz) Large LCD Display LED Flashlight Hight /Low RF Power Switchable Voice companding 50 CTCSS/ 104DCS coder & amp; tone searching PC programmable Wide/Narrow Band(25kHz/12.5kHz) Transmitter time-out timer(TOT) High/Low TX power selectable Specification : FrequencyRange65-108MHz(FMReceiveonly)136-174MHZand400-520MHZ(TX/RX)ChannelNo.128FrequencyStability & plusmn;2.5ppmAntennaHighgainDualBandantennaAntennaImpedance50OperatingVoltageDC7.4VModeofoperationSimpleorsemi-duplexAntennaSMA-FemaleEarpiece/mictypeKenwoodPlugtypeDimension(WxHxD)132x60x35mm (not included antenna)Weight238g(includingbattery,antenna)Power adapterInput : AC100-240V, 50-60Hz;Output : DC10V/500mA;Plug Type : EU/US plug charger and AU/UK adaptors all availableTransmitterOutputpower5W/1W(Max5W)ModulationMode16k F3E/11k F3EMaximumdeviation5kHz(Wide)/ 2.5kHz(Narrow)SpuriousRadiation5WAdjacentCh.power65dB(Wide)/ 60dB(Narrow)Pre-emphasischaracteristics6dBCurrent1.6A(5W)CTCSS/DCSdeviation0.5 & plusmn;0.1kHz(Wide)/0.3 & plusmn;0.1kHz(Narrow)Intermediationsensitivity8-12mvIntermediationdistortion10% Package includes : 1 x BAOFENG UV-82 Dual Band FM Transceiver 1 x 7.4V 2800mAh BL-8 Battery 1 x Dual Band Antenna 1 x User Manual 1 x Earphone for free 1 x Desktop Charger 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Belt Clip 1 x Hand Strap Details pictures :
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NNTN7335B NNTN7335 IMPRES IP67 Battery LiIon 2700 mAh XTS2500 MT1500 XTS1500 PR1500
Battery Pack, Fits Brand, Fits Model MFR. NO. PR1500, MT1500, XTS1500 and XTS2500, Battery Type Lithium-ion, Voltage 7.2, Battery Capacity 2700mAh, Recharge Time 3-1/2 hr. or Less '
Hubbell Bryant
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