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14MP HDMI USB Industry Microscope Kit Camera Set Remote Control 100X C-Mount Lens Video Recorder 40 LED Ring Light
Specification: Image sensor: 14 megapixel Panasonic sensor 1/ 2.3 inch Effective pixel: 14 megapixel Pixel size: 1.43 * 1.43 um Frame rate: 60fps Definition: FULL HD Image resolution: 4320x3240 (for TF Card), 1920x1080 (for TF Card), 1920x1080 (for USB) Video recorder: 1920x1080 @ 60fps (for TF card) White balance: Auto/manual Digital magnification: 5 times digital zoom Brightness control: Auto/manual Color: R/G/B adjustable Freeze: Support OSD: Support Film and record: Support Cross cursor: Support multi-color, size adjustable Transverse and vertical line: Support multi-color, 5 pcs of transverse lines/vertical lines, movable SNR: Support TF card interface: Max 64G HDMI interface: Standard HDMI output (Type A) Lens: C USB interface: Standard usb 2.0 interface (Type B) C-MOUNT Lens: Zoom c-mount Lens Magnification Power by 0.12 - 2X (about 8 - 100X on the display) Work distance: 55mm-200mm Visual field: 2.4 mm-32mm Size: 115mm (L) * 40mm (DIA) 40 bright white LED bulbs, 6W, Adjust Bright 100, 000 hours of life Intense and focused shadow-free illumination Variable intensity control Power input: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, auto switching with Female thread M28* 0.75 Suit for the dia of the lens: 16mm-46mm Package Including: 1 x Camera 1 x power supply 1 x USB line 1 x Software DISC 1 x Zoom C-mount Lens 1 x Camera Stand 1 x 40-LED Ring Light with Power Adapter
Fashion Electronics Inc
The New Economics for Industry, Government, Education, Third Edition - (Mit Press) 3rd Edition by W Edwards Deming (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 240Genre: Business + Money ManagementSub-Genre: ManagementSeries Title: Mit PressFormat: PaperbackPublisher: MIT PressAge Range: AdultAuthor: W Edwards DemingLanguage: English About the Book A new edition of a book that details the system of transformation underlying the 14 Points for Management presented in Deming's Out of the Crisis. Book Synopsis A new edition of a book that details the system of transformation underlying the 14 Points for Management presented in Deming's Out of the Crisis.It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win. What we need is cooperation and transformation to a new style of management."--from The New Economics for Industry, Government, EducationIn this book, W. Edwards Deming details the system of transformation that underlies the 14 Points for Management presented in Out of the Crisis. The Deming System of Profound Knowledge, as it is called, consists of four parts: appreciation for a system, knowledge about variation, theory of knowledge, and psychology. Describing the prevailing management style as a prison, Deming shows applying the System of Profound Knowledge increases productivity, quality, and people's joy in work and joy in learning. Another outcome is short-term and long-term success in the market. Indicative of Deming's philosophy is his advice to abolish performance reviews on the job, to look deeper than spreadsheets for opportunities, and even to rethink how we teach and manage our schools. Moreover, Deming's method enables organizations to make accurate predictions, which is a valuable tool in today's uncertain economic climate.This third edition features a new chapter (written by business consultant and Deming expert Kelly L. Allan) that explains the relevance of Deming's management method, and case studies from organizations that have adopted Deming's System of Profound Knowledge, and offers guidance on how organizations can effectively "do Deming."
Greenland Home Fashions
Fashion Industry 2030 - by Francesca Romana Rinaldi (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 200Genre: Business + Money ManagementSub-Genre: IndustriesFormat: PaperbackPublisher: Egea Spa - Bocconi University PressAge Range: AdultBook theme: Fashion & Textile IndustryAuthor: Francesca Romana RinaldiLanguage: English Book Synopsis Some key data about the future of the fashion industry highlight the need for immediate action. The increase of clothing consumption will generate an increase in the use of resources and generation of waste. On the other hand, the demand of consumers interested in sustainability is increasing, also in luxury. The book will be investigating the key drivers that are reshaping the fashion industry towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, including traceability and transparency, circularity, collaborative consumption, new technologies, B-corporations. The Author supports the thesis that the most innovative business models in the fashion sector will be based on a value proposition that integrates ethics, aesthetics and innovation, offering product customization, planning the activities for consumer's participation in the company's operations, digitalization, and use of technology in order to optimize the processes along the value chain. About the Author With over 10 years of experience Francesca Romana Rinaldi is a passionate executive consultant for companies in the Fashion and Luxury industries, having acquired a practical expertise especially on brand management, digital strategies, business model innovation and sustainability. She is Director of the Master in Brand & Business Management of Milano Fashion Institute (interuniversity consortium between Bocconi University, Catholic University of Milan, and Politecnico di Milan). She is faculty member of Bocconi University. She is also speaker at the UN for the topic of responsible fashion. In 2010 she has created the Bio-Fashion blog (http: // with the objective of raising awareness on Sustainability in Fashion and Luxury
Baxton Studio
Work in the Fashion Industry - (Career Finder) by Emma Huddleston (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 80Genre: Juvenile NonfictionSub-Genre: CareersSeries Title: Career FinderFormat: HardcoverPublisher: Brightpoint PressAge Range: TeenAuthor: Emma HuddlestonLanguage: English About the Book "Explores different careers in the fashion industry, including the training and educational requirements as well as the future outlook for each career"--
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