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Stranger Things - The Upside Down Companion - by Blake Dylan (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 164Genre: Performing ArtsSub-Genre: TelevisionFormat: PaperbackPublisher: Draft2digitalAge Range: AdultBook theme: ReferenceAuthor: Blake DylanLanguage: English Book Synopsis The amazing story of the Netflix sci-fi horror phenomenon, season by season, from conception to the screen! Packed with fascinating trivia and incredible facts about all aspects of Stranger Things.
Stranger Things and Philosophy - (Popular Culture and Philosophy) by Jeffrey A Ewing & Andrew M Winters (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 256Genre: PhilosophySub-Genre: EssaysSeries Title: Popular Culture and PhilosophyFormat: PaperbackPublisher: Open CourtAge Range: AdultAuthor: Jeffrey A Ewing & Andrew M WintersLanguage: English About the Book The authors turn existing theories about Stranger Things Upside Down. Book Synopsis Stranger Things and Philosophy is an important book, the first of its kind to examine the fantastical world of this award-winning, widely beloved, phenomenal show with a philosophical lens. This is important precisely because the show rests so heavily on a complex and thought-provoking mythos based around secretive government experiments and a parallel dimension that darkly reflects readers' own. The series as a whole has asked more questions than it has delivered answers, and the chapters in this volume will explore these topics. From the deepest recesses of the Upside Down, its tunnels snaking beneath the local bookstores of Hawkins, Indiana and who knows where else, this collection of philosophical musings on the world of Stranger Things promises to enlighten readers. This volume considers many of the philosophically related ideas that that come up in the show such as: What are the moral implications of secret government projects? What is the nature of friendship? Does scientific research need to be concerned with ethics? What might it be like to experience the world from the perspective of the Mind Flayer? Is it possible to understand the metaphysics of the Upside Down?
Stranger Things and the '80s - by Joseph Vogel (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 224Genre: Performing ArtsSub-Genre: TelevisionFormat: PaperbackPublisher: Cardinal BooksAge Range: AdultBook theme: History & CriticismAuthor: Joseph VogelLanguage: English Book Synopsis SINCE ITS PREMIERE IN THE SUMMER OF 2016, Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon. It also restored in vivid detail the pulse and feel of a decade: the 1980s.The show's creators--the Duffer Brothers--describe the series as "a love letter to the '80s." From its synth soundtrack, to its retro fonts, to its nostalgic nods to Spielberg and Stephen King, Stranger Things is populated with references, homages, and artifacts from the Reagan era. This book dives deep into that world, revealing everything you wanted to know about the series and its influences, including: The parallels to the show's biggest touchstone: the 1982 classic, E.T.: The Extra TerrestrialThe significance of The Clash's hit song, "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"The context behind Dungeons & Dragons--which incited a national panic in the '80s--and an explanation of how the game works in the showThe connections to a host of '80s books and movies, including Stand By Me, IT, The Thing, Aliens, and The GooniesOther stops on this "curiosity voyage" include: explorations of arcades, Ataris, BMX bikes, MTV, Radio Shack, Carl Sagan, Ronald Reagan, Eggos, Steve's hair, and mom jeans. Packed with detail and insight, Stranger Things and the '80s is the ultimate companion to the hit show and the era that inspired it.
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