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Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid Tablets - 40ct
Contains: Does Not Contain Any of the 8 Major AllergensProduct Form: TabletPackage Quantity: 40Nutrient timing: During Workout, Post-Workout, Pre-WorkoutPrimary dietary ingredient: CaffeinePrimary dietary ingredient amount per serving: 200 MG & bull; Safe & Effective & bull; Functional Caffeine for Mental Alertness & bull; Each Tablet Provides As Much Caffeine as a Cup of Coffee & bull;No Sugar or Added CaloriesWhen experiencing drowsiness or fatigue, Vivarin Alertness Aid can assist in restoring wakefulness. The Vivarin Caffeine Aid offers functional caffeine that helps to restore mental alertness, so you can accomplish your tasks with focus. One tablet of this Vivarin Alertness Aid is equal to about a cup of coffee. These Vivarin caffeine tablets, 200mg, 40ct, are safe to use, as well as effective Vivarin Caffeine Alertness Aid Tablets, Suitable for use on the go. Vivarin - making the most of every day. Looking for that extra boost of energy. Try Vivarin. Everyone knows that caffeine is simple solution to keep you going - morning, noon or night. The caffeine in Vivarin gives you a mental boost - just 200 mg of caffeine - with no hidden ingredients, no sugar and no calories. Sure there may be slightly more caffeine in coffee, but you can't slip it in your pocket! Coffee can stain your teeth and leave you with bad breath. Kisses, anyone? You also may pay 24X as much for one coffee as one tablet of Vivarin.
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