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Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk

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Lip Smacker

Lip Smacker
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Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Lip Smacker Bear Lip Balm - Pink/Purple - 2pk
Capacity (Volume): .52 Ounces
Color Family: Clear
Product Form: Balm
Package Quantity: 2
Beauty Purpose: Moisturizing
•Lip Smackin' Good: Enjoy the candy-sweet flavors and hydrating effects of this irresistibly adorable gummy bear lip balm set. Featuring adorable designs and sweet fun flavors, these lip balms moisturize your lips while satisfying your sweet tooth.
•No More Chapped Lips: Every Lip Smacker lip balm is made with the moisturizing nutrients that lips love. They go on like butter and the delicious smells and flavors leave you wanting more.
•Clear and Glossy: Not only do these lip balms leave your lips soft and sweet, but they also create a pretty gloss finish for a spectacular smile.
•Fun and Giftable: Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or other occasion, Lip Smackers make great stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, or goodie items. Make Lip Smackers the first ingredient in your kids' first makeup kits.
•Collect Them All: With so many flavors and themes available, Lip Smackers are the ultimate collectors item.
When dry lips are making you pout, Lip Smacker is here to help you get your bounce back with the help of these sweet and soothing Gummy Bear Lip Balms! Pink and Purple gummy bears team up with candy-sweet flavors to leave your lips moisturized and positively delectable. This 2-piece pair features adorable features pink and purple bears with a big heart so you can show your lips some love. Fantastically fun and deliriously delicious, these candy-themed lip balms feature fun flavors like Luv U Straw-Beary Much and Grapeful-4-U.

A perfect gift for friends, family, or to yourself, this colorful and fun collection is great for kids and adults alike.

With hundreds of flavors and themes, Lip Smacker and Smackers products are fun to use and even more fun to collect. Explore the world of Lip Smacker and grow your collection!

Welcome to the World of Lip Smacker: Explore flavor, color, and design and find the Lip Smacker that makes YOU smile. Since 1973, we have put smiles on lips around the globe. We hope our authentic flavors, scents, and colorfully designed products make you happy. We invite you to discover Our World, explore our brand, and find your favorites. The flavor combinations are endless  — mix and match to find your own lip softening, smile inducing, deliriously delicious happy moment. Then repeat, repeat, repeat!

Flavors Included: Luv U Straw-Beary Much (Strawberry) and Grapeful-4-U