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PS3 controller Double Shock Gamepad for Playstation 3, six-axis PS3 controller with charging cable (blue and red)
note: 1. This is a pioneer brand product, only compatible with ps3 2. If you switch from the old controller, our new controller may be a bit "stiff" until you break it. How to connect the controller to the console? 1. For the first time, you must use a USB cable to connect the controller and the console to match. Otherwise, wireless connection is not possible. 2. Please fully charge the controller before use. 3. Connect the cable, press and hold the P3 button, disconnect the cable for 3 seconds, and wait for one or two minutes. How to open/close? When you press the round button or connect the computer via the date cable, the controller will start. It will shut down 5 minutes after disconnection. If you cannot stop working after a long time, please insert the date in the computer and then pull it out so that it will shut down How to charge? (1) Connect to a computer without a driver, 4 lights will flash and go out after fully charged (2) Connect with computer and driver, NO1 light will flash and go out when fully charged (3) Please note: Do not use the mobile phone charger to charge, because the higher voltage of the mobile phone may damage the controller How to connect wirelessly? First, connect the cables. Second, pull out the cable and the controller will connect If the controller is not charged or the synchronization fails, please reset the controller by pressing the small hole on the back of the controller with a pin or paperclip packing list: 2 x wireless controller 2 x USB charging cable 1 x box
permanent ffc hdmi fpc hdmi fpv hdmi cable standard full normal hdmi male interface to standard full size hdmi male interface f
permanent ffc hdmi fpc hdmi fpv hdmi cable standard full normal hdmi male interface to standard full size hdmi male interface for red bmcc fs7 c300 tv std raspberry pi black (60cm)1.Available length:60CM (Approximate:23.6 inches).2.super soft slim thin full hdmi extension cable and very light .only 5g low profile 3.Standard /full / normal HDMI male to Standard HDMI male interface(A-1 to A-1) HDMI type A4.Compatible with RED Blackmagic BMCC SONY FS7 CANON C300Can also use on TV STD ect5.strong anti-interference capacity. 6.Super soft Ribbon cable for brushless gimbal handhold gimbal dsrl gimbal FPV ground monitoring FPV aerial photography and aerial shooting ect 7.The standard HDMI plug is straight of this list, if you need standard HDMI plug with 90 degree (A2 or A3 as what it shown in the last picture.Please contact me) A1 to A3 90 degree is available here: Other length10CM: 20CM 50CM 80CM FPV HDMI RIBBON CABLES SPECIFICATION LISTS 12 types of HDMI ends: 1.MICRO HDMI (6X2.3mm) 4 types available: MICRO D-1 90 degree ; MICRO D-2 90 degree (reverse orientation of D-1);Micro D3 straight plugMicro female 2.Mini HDMI(10.5X2.5mm) 4 types available:MINI C-1 90 degree; MINI C-2 90 degree(Reverse orientation of C-1);Mini HDMI straight plug; MINI FEMALE plug3. Standard HDMI 2.0 (14x4.5mm) 4types available: Standard A-1 straight plug; Standard HDMI 90degree A-2; Standard HDMI A-3 90degree (Reverse orientation of A-2); Standard FEMALE plug Lengths available :5cm;10cm;20cm;30cm;40cm;50cm;60cm;80cm;100cm
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