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Hard Conversations Unpacked - by Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)

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Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Hard Conversations Unpacked - by  Jennifer B Abrams (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 112
Genre: Education
Sub-Genre: Professional Development
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Corwin Publishers
Age Range: Adult
Author: Jennifer B Abrams
Featured book lists: Textbooks
Language: English

About the Book

Learn to speak up for what really matters

In Having Hard Conversations, Jennifer Abrams showed educators how to confront colleagues about work-related issues through a planned, interactive, and personal approach. In this sequel, readers move deeper into preparing for those conversations while building expectations for meaningful outcomes. Emphasizing what needs to happen before, during, and after hard conversations, this resource explores

  • What humane, growth-producing, and "other-centered" conversations sound like
  • How to recognize and account for culture, gender, and generational filters
  • How to spot and work with organizational dynamics that could influence discussions
  • How to conduct hard conversations with supervisors

Review Quotes

In order to grow as learners, educators and leaders, we need to be provided with feedback that will enhance our growth. That feedback doesn't come easily. We shy away from providing honest feedback because we're afraid it will be "taken the wrong way." That is why I love Having Hard Conversations 2.0. Jennifer Abrams brings us through the process beautifully with a great deal of honesty, and we can learn a great deal from her insight. This is an important read for anyone in education.-- (07/22/2015)

Hard Conversations 2.0: Extending the Learning delves deeper into the science and practice of effectively communicating introduced in the first book. Practitioners who have used her conversation templates previously will embrace the enhancements Jennifer offers throughout with specific examples, scenarios and tools. This takes the next step to encourage and support us in having those hard conversations with a humane growth-producing mindset. -- (08/07/2015)

Having Hard Conversations '2.0' provides us with accessible research, reflective questions, effective frameworks and explicit language that empowers us to 'speak up for what matters' in our organizations. Whether adressing issues of performance or system change, this book helps us in our drive toward competence by clearly identifying what an appropriately planned hard conversation looks like, sounds like and feels like. Opportunities for guided self-reflection and a framework for scripting makes it possible for all members of an organization - positional leader or not - be 'other-focused' and engage in necessary hard conversations that are respectful, humane and growth producing and moves us all towards desired change. -- (08/18/2015)

Having Hard Conversations 2.0 Extending the Learning is definitely a book for our times. Jennifer Abrams has given us the why, what and how to have a productive and professional dialogue. Jennifer shares with us how to truly talk and interact with one another, to face and address issues professionally so that we can begin to create a culture for growth and improvement. Having hard conversations may not be comfortable for us, but they are even more necessary in our complex and changing world. This book is a must read for all of us!

-- (07/13/2015)

Abrams, who cites a broad and current body of literature, provides a valuable rationale for why certain ways of talking are more effective than others. --Robert J. Garmston - Professor Emeritus & Co-Developer of COgnitive Coaching & Adaptive Schools (06/25/2015)