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TYPAR 3201L-162 1.9-Ounce Premium Weed Control Barrier Landscape Fabric, 3 x 300 Feet
Dimensions (Overall): 3600 inches (L), 36 inches (W)Weight: 14 poundsCoverage Area: Up to 900 Square Feet & bull; TYPAR weed barrier fabric can be used as a ground cover as well as for soil stabilization, erosion control, gardening, and landscaping & bull; TYPAR weed barrier fabric is made of a spun-bonded polypropylene with UV inhibitors & bull; Designed for positive permeability, strength, and durability & bull; Measures 3 feet by 300 feet & bull; Color: BlackIf you're sick and tired of those pesky weeds ruining the look and feel of your yard or garden, you have a few options. You could use harmful chemicals, buy a herd of goats to eat the weeds, or stop the weeds before they start with TYPAR 1.9-Ounce Premium Weed Control Barrier Landscape Fabric. This weed barrier is made of environmentally-safe fabric, helping to block out light to protect against perennial weeds and control them before they start. This weed control fabric is designed using spun-bonded polypropylene with UV inhibitors, forming a powerful layer of weed protection for your garden or yard. Don't allow your yard, garden, or life to be run by weeds any longer. Instead, take proactive steps to rid yourself of weeds with this weed barrier.
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