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Multi USB 8-Port Smart Fast Desktop Hub Wall Charger Charging Station Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type C Port With LED Display Compatible with Apple Samsung Android Smart Phone, Tablet, Nintendo Switch Games
Allowing you to charge up to 8 devices simultaneously with 8 Ports Charger : 1 QC3.0 fast charging port, 1 Typc-c charging port, can charge iPhone 11/Pro and 6 common USB ports with Smart IC Large LCD Display screen constantly says each port's Real-time current, Real-time voltage, battery level, charging process. REMOVE FILM PROTECTOR BEFORE USE. Built in smart protection system, over-voltage, overheating, over-current, short circuit protection ensure complete protection for you and your devices Quick Charge 3.0 and the USB Type-C Ports offers the latest and fastest charging speed improve efficiency and save time 18 months replacement warranty, compatible with Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone tablet, gaming devices
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4-port USB 3.0 hub with power jack for external hard drive Macbook Surface. There is a period of time in everyone's life, when we look for a place on the table where we can plug in a phone or portable hard drive, we find that we don't have a USB port and need a 3.0 USB hub for Mac. Then, this 4-port USB 3.0 hub with charging port saves your life. The USB port extender can speed up data transfer and charging. A super high-speed 4-port powered USB 3.0 hub for desktop computers with Micro USB Power Port for you to use the power adapter when using high-power devices such as external hard drives. The 4 USB port 3.0 hubs can provide a maximum speed of 5Gpbs and are backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. If you use this USB 3.0 tower device with USB 2.0, you will need to pay for benefits that you won't get in the future. Keep It Light This mini round USB hub is small enough to be carried in a laptop bag, and can be glued (not included) to the table or under the table; completely plug and play; no need to install programs or drivers ; Compatible with Windows 10 8 7, Mac OS, Linux, etc. Specific Input interface: 1 x USB Type A male Output interface: 4 x USB Type A female Standard configuration: USB 3.0 Maximum transmission rate: 5Gbps Important Note: 1) The actual data transfer rate will depend on the function of the device. 2) By connecting the power adapter (not included), the rated output of the active USB splitter adapter when used to charge the device is 5V / 2A, so it only supports 2A and below devices, such as a 5V / 2A at the same time Equipment or two 5V/1A equipment for juicing. Including original packaging 1 4-port USB 3.0 hub box 1 x user manual
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BEFIRST Portable 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB Distributor With Micro USB Power Port Suitable For Super High-Speed Data Transmission And Fast Charging
4-port USB 3.0 hub with power jack for external hard drive Macbook Surface There is a period of time in everyone's life, when we are looking for a place on the table where we can plug in a phone or a portable hard drive, we find that we don't have a USB port and need a 3.0 USB hub for Mac. Then, this 4-port USB 3.0 hub with charging port saves your life. Features: Material: High-quality, high-temperature resistant ABS plastic, the surface is finely frosted. Fully comply with USB3.0 specification, output is USB3.0, type B, input is USB3.0, 4-port type A, supports USB3.0 to serial interface device, transmission speed is up to 5G/s (backward compatible with USB2.0) The appearance design is generous, the interface layout is reasonable, and does not interfere with each other The chip adopts Taiwan original chip: GL3520 USB3.0. The interface supports hot plugging, plug and play; easy to use and easy to carry Support overload voltage and instant current protection functions, effectively protecting the connected equipment and the HUB itself It can be connected to an external power supply, and the interface is a micro USB interface. System Support: Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/VISTA /Windows 7/MAC OS 9.X/10.X /Linux It can deliver the maximum effect of USB3.0, so that multiple USB3.0 products can be used at the same time. Round HUB 2.0 cable length: 20 cm Round HUB 3.0 cable length: 30 cm, bare metal weight: 0.05KG
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USB C HUB Docking Station 8 in 1 Expand Your MacBook Pro Ports Into 1USB3.0+2USB2.0+HDMI+2xThunderbolt 3 +Gigabit Ethernet And SD/TF Card Reader. Meet all Your Needs With One Hub.
Multi-function USB C HUB 8-in-1 adapter for MacBook Pro, meeting all your needs through a hub Extend the MacBook Pro port to 1USB3.0 + 1USB2.0 + HDMI + Ethernet + 1xThunderbolt 3 + 100PD and SD/TF. The perfect companion for MacBook Pro 13/15/2020/2019/2018/2017 and MacBook Air 2017-2020 Using this USB C hub, you can watch large-screen images/videos on HDTV, monitors, and projectors through the HDMI port. It allows you to connect to mouse, keyboard, hardrive, ssd, hdd, U flash drive, etc. The speed is up to 5Gbps. Quickly access your images/videos through 3,0 SD/TF card reader port. The speed is up to 104Mbp/s. Provide you with more stable gigabit network Ethernet conditions. Charge the laptop while using the other ports of the hub. 7-in-1 Macbook Pro adapter MacBook Pro adaper multi-port MacBook adapter MacBook Pro Ethernet adapter 4K HDMI: output sound and image/video The resolution supports 4K@60hz, and is backward compatible with 2K, 1080p, 720p, 480p. Supports mirroring mode and extended mode of laptops. Please note: Only 15-inch/16-inch MacBook Pro 2018-2020 can reach the maximum resolution of 4K @ 60Hz. 13-inch MacBook Pro/Air 2018-2020 can only reach the maximum resolution of 4K @ 30Hz It allows you to connect HDTV, monitor, projector. 100W fast charging Thunderebolt 3 Like the original charger, it allows you to quickly charge your macbook, and the data transfer rate is up to 40Gbp/s. And you can use the USB C to HDMI adapter to mirror or extend the display. The maximum resolution is 5K. Same as the original Thunderbolt 3 of Macbook Pro. Excellent data storage versatility Convenient USB-C to 3.0 card reader (speed up to 104 Mbp/s). SD and TF cards can be read at the same time. Suitable for SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD, MMC (SDXC: maximum storage capacity is 2TB). USB C Ethernet adapter MacBook Pro hub adapter USB-C to Ethernet adapter USB C to Ethernet (Gigabit) and USB 3.0 port Super high-speed USB 3.0 port (up to 5 Gbp/s at full speed) speed, backward compatible with USB A 2.0 and below. The additional USB 2.0 allows you to connect a keyboard or mouse without delay. Gigabit Ethernet Lan port: No driver required. Just plug and play. Support 10/100/1000 Ethernet, make your work efficient. Advanced chip with stable performance It adopts advanced chip construction to keep the hub safe and stable during operation. Tamper control and provide more stable performance. Stylish and compact design, perfect match with your macbook pro space gray If not used, the temperature of the hub will automatically decrease. It is small, light, and convenient for travel.
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USB Port Use this USB hub to convert one of the computer's USB ports into four. Ultra High Speed Data Transmission Transfer data at speeds up to 5 Gbps through four ports. This speed is enough to transfer a complete HD movie in just a few seconds! Broad Compatibility With 4 USB 3.0 ports, it has a wide range of compatibility, including USB cables, flash drives, mice, keyboards, etc. Compact And Lightweight The hub is very suitable for laptops and other devices, and its compact design saves debris and leaves room for all the accessories you want to plug in. The data packet size design allows you to take it with you. 4-Port USB 30 hub Supported Systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP Max OSx 10.6-10.12 or higher Linux 2.6.14 or higher Compatibility: The USB port is only used for data transmission, but does not support charging. May not support 2.4 GHz wireless devices (such as wireless keyboards and mice) and some USB 3.0 devices, or may not work near hubs or other USB 3.0 devices. In order to stabilize the connection, please avoid connecting devices with a total current exceeding 900 mA. Usually on the device External hard drive 900 mA.
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USB C to HDMI VGA Adapter, USB Type C to VGA HDMI Adapter Thunderbolt 3 VGA Adapter, Suitable For MacBook Pro / iPad Pro / Air 2020 2019 2018, Dell XPS 13/15, Surface Pro, Galaxy S8 / S9
USB C to HDMI VGA Adapter Type c input to HDMI port, VGA port, USB3.0 port, USB C charging port output. Plug and play, no need to install any applications or equipment. The USB C hub expands the female USB C port to a variety of connection possibilities, providing stable connections and increasing device productivity. Charge the device when connected to the projector via the HDMI port. Play games or watch movies on the larger HD screen. USB C Adapter 1 input USB C port 4 output HDMI ports, VGA port, USB 3.0 port, USB C charging port HDMI port: 4K UHD (3840x2160 @ 30Hz) resolution VGA port: 1080P@60Hz resolution USB 3.0 port: 5Gbps data fast transmission USB C charging port: 100W PD fast charging speed Durable This USB C adapter is made of aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable, can prevent its damage, and also has an overheat protection function. It brings you a safer use environment. High-Speed USB 3.0 Port Transmission The USB 3.0 port has a data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, and is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and below. It supports fast data, picture, and video transmission. The 4 ports of this USB C adapter can work simultaneously. You can connect the Hdmi and VGA ports at the same time to project the same image. 100W power output Even if the projector is connected via the HDMI or VGA port, the device can be powered on. Ultra HD Image This USB C adapter supports to provide the highest (HDMI) 4K 3840 * 2160P @ 30Hz resolution. Share UHD images on a larger screen. USB C 4 in 1 Adapter This adapter supports HDMI port, VGA port, USB 3.0 data transmission port, USB C PD fast charging port. With high-quality aluminum alloy materials, the use of the most advanced chips and good heat resistance, just plug in and use your c-type smart device, and you can enjoy the large-screen display in the workplace or home entertainment. Compatible USB C Devices: MacBook Pro 15” / 13”, 2020/19/18 MacBook-2019/18/17, MacBook Air-2020 The new Chromebook Pixel Yoga 900/910/920 iMac / iMac Pro-2017 XPS 13 9350/9360 MateBook X Surfacebook 2 HDMI and VGA ports compatible with type c devices: projector, monitor, TV, monitor Can this converter charge the laptop when connected to the projector? Answer: Yes, these four ports can be used at the same time. Q: Can I use this adapter to simultaneously extend (not mirror) to another monitor? Answer: HDMI / VGA output allows to add external monitors/TVs/projectors equipped with HDMI or VGA input terminals at the same time. Q: Does the adapter support audio output when connected to the VGA port? Answer: No, the VGA port only supports video to monitor/HDTV without audio. However, the HDMI port supports simultaneous audio and video transmission.
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