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Cross border hot sale RG350M handheld game psp open source alloy retro nostalgic handheld 20 + simulator
Welcome to Shengjiu game mall. You can go to our store and find more good things about the game. Happy shopping, happy games. Product Description: 1. Color black, starry gray 2. Material: CNC process of aluminum alloy shell 3. Display screen: 3.5 inch IPS full view, zero distance OCA full fit / 640 * 480 4. CPU 4770 dual core 1.0ghz 5.RAM DDR2 512M 6. Memory: 16GB 7. Function open source system (music, video) 8. Music function: support lossless music ape, MP3, wma, DRM wma, Ogg, ape, FLAC, WAV, AAC and other full format audio 9. The game supports vibration motor games, including PS1, CPS1, cps2, FBA, NEOGEO, NEOGEO pocket, GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC, MD, SMS, GG, handy, MSX, PCE, WSC, poke mini, shift game and other 20 formats of games, with game speed of 1:1 and 60Hz. Support users to download relevant format games 10. Language in English 11. E-book function: support PDF, TXT, RTF, Doc, HTML 12. External function: high quality double speaker stereo speaker 13. Battery - polymer lithium ion battery 2500 Ma, 6 hours of service life 14. TF card supports TF card expansion, up to 256gb 15. Other functions: with vibration motor, supporting 3.5mm stereo earphone Display and free setting of energy saving setting, display brightness, interface background, etc 16. Accessories: USB charging cable * 1, color box * 1, manual * 1 17. Color box specification: length 17.0 cm width 10.0 cm height 5.0 cm weight 0.41 kg 18. Fuselage specification: length 14.5 cm width 7.3 cm height 1.8 cm weight 0.26 kg
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