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SEQURO GuardPro Wireless Security Camera System with 7 Inch Monitor
Simple, Reliable, Embrace. A simple safe wireless security and alarm system for home, small business and retail store. A complete surveillance system with the camera and monitor in one box. The seQuro wireless security camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor, sustainable for all kinds of harsh environments with IP66 certified. The 7-inch touchscreen monitor is the core of the surveillance video equipment for audio/video live-view, motion PIR/manual/scheduled recording, instant alarm and playback. Unlike the traditional CCTV camera security system, it has a built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery which allows you to move around in your property with continuously monitoring. Plug-and-play wireless technology, easy to install, no Internet or Wi-Fi required. * Internet is only required when App smartphone monitoring and remote access. Sequro GuardPro DIY Surveillance System With Monitor Gone are the days when you had to hire a contractor to install a camera surveillance system on your property. The Sequro GuardPro DIY Surveillance System is one of such camera systems. It’s a user-friendly and easy-to-use camera system that’s also built for toughness and harsh weather conditions. A True DIY Surveillance System The Monitor is Capable of Instant Playback and Live View Record Video and Audio Directly to an Optional SD Card
SEQURO GuardPro2 Wireless Security Camera System with Monitor, Weatherproof Outdoor Night Vision Full HD 1080P Cam and 10.1" Touchscreen Home Surveillance DVR Kit
Easy breezy security system. True DIY surveillance. Say goodbye to a bunch of rigmarole involving the cabling, cloud or paid services to record videos. With seQuro Guardpro2 plus, you can browse by 4-channel wireless security camera systems, for super FHD, or even 1080p reliable videos. Place anywhere such as entrance, garage, backyard and farm to protect your investments 24/7 day and night. Just a quick install within 30 minutes and the touch screen makes every part of setup a breeze. The monitor menus allow for customizing everything to your liking, and of course with a microSD card, HDD and App install you can view and record on your monitor/smart device while away (*microSD card and HDD are not included). Seeing live view from everywhere, stay informed when detects motion and to prevent invasion happens. Replay video records on your phone via free seQuro App. SeQuro Guardpro2 plus is such a compact surveillance system, with weatherproof IP66 cameras you can place it in indoor/outdoor. No matter it’s raining or hot summer, the recording never stops. 1. Cameras for indoor/outdoor use to protect your home and business 2. Playback videos and Live view in one screen 3. Multiple-devices Viewing Simultaneously 4. HDMI Output & 1080p Live Viewing
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