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sabian 21916csb china cymbal
19" China Cymbal Made from B20 Bronze - BrilliantUPC NO:210000045479 SKU:ADIB00716AMDQ
Sabian Inc.
sabian 20inch aa medium ride cymbal
The SABIAN 20" AA Medium Ride in Natural Finish is a highly versatile model that balances crisp stroke definition with a smooth blend of bright tone and clean bell. SABIAN AA cymbals are all about classic sounds. Rock. Funk. Jazz. Blues. It's about tradition, about what made history. And it's about making history again. Bright, explosive energy, the vintage bright sound for today.UPC NO:622537220128 SKU:ADIB0002E27FU
Sabian Inc.
sabian sbr performance pack with 14inch hat, 16inch crash, and 20inch ride cymbals
Sonically matched in the Sabian Vault, the Sabian SBR performance set includes 14" Sbr Hats, 16" Sbr crash and a 20" Sbr Ride. With hammered and lathed surface, tightly focused sound and nice price, SBR is in a class of its own.UPC NO:020150112101 SKU:ADIB0030YAZFI
Sabian Inc.
sabian 20" artisan light ride brilliant finish, inch a2010
With the 20" Artisan Ride, SABIAN has created a cymbal that has managed to elude cymbal-makers for centuries. Not only does it put out glassy, well-defined stick click over an aggressive hotbed of dirty, dark-edged tone that bubbles beneath the surface it also features a piercing bell and delivers superb crash-ability! The elements found in this instrument are so intense that the sound almost sizzles with heat. The Artisan Ride, with its raw bell design and high-density hand hammering, is truly a masterpiece. The pinnacle of cymbal manufacturing, these fine instruments work superbly in any musical setting, whether Rock, Hip-Hop, R & B or Jazz.UPC NO:622537044946 SKU:ADIB00082MXU0
Sabian Inc.
sabian cymbal variety package inch 11806xeb
The Ultimate Crash Developed in collaboration with Dave Weckl, the 18 HHX Evolution Crash is a highly-responsive and sensitive cymbal that combines the bite and penetration of high-end attack with the warmth and agitation of dark undertones. Fully hammered, this thin crash delivers tonally warm, rich sound and a well-defined touch of high-end color to boost projection. In fact, its so responsive that according to SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love, its easily activated with just a touch of a finger! But while the response is fast and shimmering, its the feel of the Evolution Crashes that so many drummers fall in love with. Described as smooth and buttery, this is a Crash with that rare ability of making you a better player the minute you add one to your set-up. An Evolution in Tone The 18 HHX Evolution Crash is exactly the essence of what Dave Weckl was looking for when he approached SABIAN. In fact, thats exactly what the entire HHX Evolution line is all about. These are cymbals that retain the low end while brightened the highs. And sensitivity is increased so that the lightest touch of a stick sets them off. Dave has a very acute sense of hearing and knows exactly what he wants from his cymbals, comments Vault Specialist Mark Love. In addition to high-response sensitivity, he requested a specific degree of separation between the brighter high-end tones and the warmer low end, for a sound that was both warm and cool. He was very specific, and this is why our craftsmen were able to design Evolution to such exact standards. We are extremely pleased with the results and anticipate enormous interest in these cymbals. Sabian HHX Modern Dark Until HHX, dark cymbals simply did not cut. With HHX, SABIAN changed all of that. Using an innovative combination of high-profile shape, large raw bell and jumbo sized hammering, they ensured that the dark, tonally complex sound of HHX cuts in any situation. Essentially, they took the warm, dark, complex tone of HH cymbals and made it cut for modern musical settings. While other cymbals may generate darkness, HHX stirs up more simmering heat, more musical dirt, more of what drummers want to hear and projects it. It gets you heard. Its just another innovative design feature, created by the SABIAN Vault team. Who Plays HHX? Delivering simmering Modern Dark tone at all volumes, its little wonder HHX is played by top SABIAN artists like Tomas Haake (Meshuggah), Jojo Mayer (Nerve), Karl Brazil (Robbie Williams), Brian Frasier Moore (Madonna), Mark Guiliana (Mehliana), Dom Famularo, Chris Dave (Robert Glasper), Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs), and many, many more. The magic of HHX is the darkness that allows me to go places I wasnt able to go before. These cymbals inspire me to play great because they always sound great, claims drummings global ambassador Dom Famularo. Tomas Haake, the powerhouse drummer for tonally dense Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah, approaches it from a different angle, Other cymbals may be dark, but HHX is dynamiccymbals can disappear when youre playing outdoor stages to 60,000 people. But HHX cymbals always sound great, theyre always there. Another man with a deep experience of SABIAN sounds is Mike Portnoy. His monstrous set-ups with Dream Theater were to quote the man himself vast. HHX added a whole new level of diversity. It combines the best elements of AA, AAX and HH into one. I love the dark side of HHX. Its definitely something other cymbals just do not have. Hand-Crafted Every Step of the Way Like all SABIAN B20 Cast Cymbals, the HHX Evolution Crash begins its life in the Foundry, where a centuries-old family process is used to create the most musical and durable of all cymbal alloys. Inside the Foundry, SABIAN metallurgists combine carefully measured amounts of Copper, Tin and Silver, heat it to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, and pour it into casts. At this stage, its hard UPC NO:823951066587 SKU:ADIB0002F4SVA
Sabian Inc.
sabian cymbal variety package 22112xb
Crisp, clear stick responses wrapped-up in just the right amount of tone, SABIAN 21" AAX Stage Rides deliver with every stroke. The SABIAN AAX series delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound! UPC NO: 622537014321 SKU: ADIB000EEJ7OM
Sabian Inc.
sabian hh 18 inch thin crash
The full-bodied and very musical response of our SABIAN 18" HH Thin Crash is low, dark and warm, with rapid decay. HH means "hand hammered", the most musical and tonally complex cymbals available. The sound is warmer, darker, packed with tone. This allows HH cymbals to blend into the music, making it fuller, richer ... more complex and interesting.UPC NO:622537118067 SKU:ADIB0002F5738
Sabian Inc.
sabian cymbal variety package 11607
The SABIAN 16" HH Medium-Thin Crash mixes power and tone for explosive response with moderate sustain. HH means "hand hammered", the most musical and tonally complex cymbals available. The sound is warmer, darker, packed with tone. This allows HH cymbals to blend into the music, making it fuller, richer ... more complex and interesting.UPC NO:622537116070 SKU:ADIB0002E29C6
Sabian Inc.
sabian 21inch aax raw bell dry ride cymbal
With a dark, unlathed raw bell delivering clear, cutting strokes and a ride area that puts out crisp responses with the perfect amount of spread, the SABIAN 21" AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride is designed to deliver at any volume, in any musical style. You could say it's versatile, but that word simply cannot convey just how great this cymbal lets you play and sound every time. The SABIAN AAX series delivers consistently bright, crisp, clear and cutting responses AAX is the ultimate Modern Bright sound!UPC NO:622537057502 SKU:ADIB001QUUJ8G
Sabian Inc.
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