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Pana-Vue #1 - Slide viewer
Brown Paper - 61675
Pana-Vue 6560 Slide Viewer #1 for 35mm with Deluxe Cleaning Kit and Batteries
Convenient and useful, the Pana-Vue 6560 Slide Viewer #1 is perfect for those who need to go through multiple slides. It features a bright, 4x magnification on a bright 2.25 x 2.25 ā€ viewing screen. It has a two-way base for different viewing angles and is a tabletop viewer. Pana-Vue #1 has a light bar lock that offers non-stop brightness. It operates on two ā€œCā€ batteries or on household current with optional GAF transformer. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use, great for studio or at home use. Accessory Bundle: XPIX Deluxe Cleaning Kit C Alkaline Coppertop Battery ( 1.5V, 2 Pack)
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