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Osepp MTD-01 Motor Driver
Brown Paper - 61420
Osepp LS-00004 Break Away Headers
Brown Paper - 56469
OSEPP LINE-01 IR Line Sensor (Arduino Compatible)
Brown Paper - 61601
Usb Barrel Jack Adapter New Condition
Allows user to pull 5 Volts of power from the USB port on a computer, laptop,or charger to power an Arduino or other development board USB port to a 5.5 x 2.1mm center positive barrel jack 3.28' long cable 18 AWG Wire Cable 2A maximum consumptionUPC:013039219787SKU:ADIB00IOF62C8
Monocrystalline Solar Cell, 100mA, 3.6V (2 pack)
Maximum efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells. Encapsulated with low reflecting water clear epoxy to protect against physical impact and harsh outdoor environments. With Arduino compatible barrel plug termination 100 mA, 3.6V , 60 x 60 mm size
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