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Lightning GPS Asset Locator with Magnetic Case- LTE Real-Time GPS Tracker - Connectivity for Coverage in North America - Covertly Mount on Vehicle, Car, Truck to Track. Subscription Required!
Tracking your asset has never been easier with the Lightning GPS. Whether you need to monitor your fleet long-range for a cross country delivery or keep an eye on your teen as they travel, Lightning GPS is there for you. One of the smallest and fastest battery-powered trackers on the market, this device will keep you updated on exact location, speed, geofencing violations, and more, so you never miss a beat of what happens to your car, truck, or family or company vehicle. Get live updates from your phone or PC computer, and stay up to date wherever your tracker goes. Utilizing a 4G LTE cellular connection, your GPS will monitor your assets from anywhere in North America, including seamless coverage in the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico. All Lightning GPS devices ship without activation. Activate your device on our website. Activation of a GPS tracker constitutes agreeing to the monthly service plan selected. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.
Lightning GPS
Lightning GPS All-in-One Magnetic Cellular LTE GPS Tracker (140-Day Battery) Track Teens, Fleet, Cars, Vehicles - Hidden Magnetic Case - No Long Term Contracts. Subscription Required!
Introducing the 140-Day 4G Magnetic GPS Tracker by Lightning GPS. This GPS tracker is the most advanced version of our best-selling, portable GPS tracker and comes equipped with everything you need to make this portable tracker as powerful as possible. This kit features the portable GPS tracker, an extended battery, and a magnetic case for ease of use. It turns the small, portable Spark Nano 7 GPS tracker into a powerful slap-and-track vehicle tracker for longterm tracking capabilities. The included extended battery ensures that you get all the time you need for tracking, increasing your battery life to up to 4 months longer than with the traditional battery (based on normal use of approximately 1 hour per day.) With the 4G cellular service that offers the fastest reporting in all of North America, you’ll have confidence knowing exactly where your GPS tracker is at all times. All Lightning GPS devices ship without an activation fee. You will need to activate your device at Activation of a GPS tracker constitutes agreeing to the monthly service plan selected.
Lightning GPS
LightningGPS 4G OBD-II Plug-in Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker for Fleet, Vehicles, Children, Teens, Elderly, Valuables, Cars
Real-Time 4G GPS Tracking: Track vehicles, people, and assets anywhere in North America. Use your phone or computer to monitor location, speeding, geofence crossing, harsh braking, and more. No Installation Required: Tracker plugs into the OBD-II port of your automobile. No batteries or charging required! Your tracker will always be reliable to capture and report location and other driving details. Easy to Use in Any Vehicle: Plug-in device requires NO professional installation. This portable tracker can be easily moved from one vehicle to another to track wherever you need it most. Important Tracking Information Like Custom Alerts, & Geo-Fencing: Easy to customize GPS tracker provides you with exactly the information you need most, like alerts when your driver enters or exits a designated area. Receive alerts and push notifications via text or app about tracker's movements, create data summaries that report movement over time and provide info about the tracker and vehicle, like average travel speed and distance traveled. No Long-Term Commitment: Our monthly subscription plan starts at a low cost of $ 24.99 per month. With no activation fees or cancellation fees, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Custom pricing is available for the purchase of additional trackers.
Lightning GPS
LightningGPS 4G Discreet Wired Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Teens, Kids, Elderly, Equipment, Valuables, Commercial Fleet
Lightning GPS 4G Discreet Wired Real-Time GPS Tracker operates over the lightning-fast 4G network. This completely covert vehicle tracker gives you all the tracking power you need and can be installed in the vehicle without detection. The device hardwires to the vehicle, allowing it to sit out of sight of drivers and passengers. No one ever needs to know it’s there unless you tell them! Also, because it uses the vehicle’s power source, you never have to worry about recharging batteries or missing important tracking data due to power loss. With 60-second location updates, this powerful hidden car tracker puts you in total control of individual vehicles or fleets. This GPS device is designed specifically to make locating and routing vehicles both simple and efficient.
Lightning GPS
LightningGPS OBD-II Plug-in Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker for Fleet, Vehicles, Children, Teens, Elderly, Valuables, Cars. Subscription Required!
The Lightning GPS OBD II Plug-In Fleet Tracking Device is an easy but effective way to track any car or truck without worrying about battery life. Easily install this device by plugging it into a vehicle’s OBD-II port. Normally located under the driver’s side dash, this port has been standard on all vehicles sold in the United States since 1996. Since this plug-in tracking device is so easy to install, you can easily unplug it from one vehicle and plug it into another with limited effort and no tools. The Lightning GPS OBD II Plug-In Real-Time Fleet Tracking Device runs on Cellular network, which offers the best coverage in the United States. Get up-to-date location information with this tracking device preset with a one-minute tracking interval. Using the tracking cloud software, a manager can track multiple devices from a central location. With flexible reporting features, driver performance information, geofencing capabilities and many other professional features, the Lightning GPS tracking cloud software is the perfect GPS tracking solution for any business. If you would like a different tracking interval, please call and one of our representatives will help you select the interval best suited for your business needs.
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