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Power Adapter Cable MINI DP M TO DP F-BLACK-101, Suitable for TV, Projector, Printer and Other Equipment
1. Applicable equipment: TV, projector, etc 2, The product material: PVC + copper core + aluminum foil shield + braided shielding 3, Wire: ring PVC, OD:5.5mm 4, Product features: support 1980*1080 resolution, 4K* 2K resolution 5, Product weight: about 0.12kg 6, Length: 1 m to 3 m (can be customized) 7, product color: white, black, etc 8. Version: DP1.2
HDMI A Male TO A Male Cable,BLACK Applicable to Computers, TV, Game Consoles, TV Boxes,Laptop, Etc
Applicable equipment: computer, TV, game console, TV box, notebook Product material: PVC + aluminum foil shield + + copper wire core braided shielding Wire: ring PVC, 30AWG,OD:5.5mm Product Features: Support 1920*1080 resolution, 4K* 2K resolution Product weight: about 0.15kg Length: 1 meter Product color: black
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