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iBasso DX160 High Performance Digital Audio Player (Blue)
Colors: Black/Silver/Blue/Red DAC: Dual CS43198 Output Ports: 4.4BAL, 3.5PO, 3.5LO, SPDIF, USB output Screen: 5.0 inch 1080P Sharp Full Screen OS: Android 8.1 CPU: Octa Core RAM: 2G ROM: 32G Wi-Fi: 80 2.11 b/g/n/ac ( 2.4G hz/5Ghz) Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 Battery: 3200mAh Quick Charge: QC 3.0, PD 2.0 Audio Formats Supported: MQA, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG, MP3, DFF, DSF, DXD, CUE, ISO, M3U, M3U8, MQA Size: 113mm*69mm*15mm Weight: 178g Average Play Time: 13 hours
iBasso DX120 High Performance Digital Audio Player (Earth Brown)
iBasso DX120 High Performance Digital Audio Player (Earth Brown) Item Condition: New Brand: ibasso Manufacturer: iBasso Color: Earth Brown Product Information - Full Balanced Output - Full Synchronization Technology - Dual Quick Charge & USB Type-C - The New Mango OS The DX120 development focused on obtaining the most out of the AK4495 DAC chip to deliver high fidelity at an extremely good price. The specifications for the AK4495 show a THD+N of 105dB. In real practice obtaining this THD+N can be very difficult. However our engineers, through hard work, using intelligent design and research, have reached a THD+N of -111dB. This surpasses the -105dB of the AK data sheet by 6dB! A mission impossible has been made possible. And you will enjoy the rewards of a high performance digital audio player. Balanced: 2.5 TRRS Single Ended: 3.5 TRS Line out: 3.5 TRS 2 micro SD card slots. DX120 Specifications: 2.5 mm Balanced Output Voltage: 3.6V rms Frequency Response: 10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB THD+N: 0.00028 %, -111dB (without load) 0.00032 %, -110dB(32O@ 2.4V rms) DNR: 117dB S/N: 117dB Crosstalk: -116dB 3.5 mm Single Ended Output Voltage: 1.8V rms Frequency Response: 10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB THD+N: 0.00042 %, -107dB (without load) 0.00056 %, -105dB(32O@ 1.2V rms) DNR: 115dB S/N: 115dB Crosstalk: -115dB 16 hours of play time with standard files. This will vary depending upon the load, volume and resolution being played.
iBasso AMP9 Nutube Vacuum Tube Amplifier Module for DX220, DX200, DX150
iBasso AMP9 Nutube Vacuum Tube Amplifier Module for DX220, DX200, DX150 Item Condition: New Brand: ibasso Manufacturer: iBasso Product Information - Compatible with the iBasso DX150/DX200/DX220 - Featuring the 6th Gen KORG Nutube vacuum tube Compatible with the iBasso DX150 / DX200 / DX220 digital audio players Based on the sixth generation of Nutube vacuum tubes made by Korg and Noritake, the iBasso AMP9 Nutube Vacuum Tube Amplifier Module completes voltage amplification through Nutube vacuum tubes, giving AMP9 an engaging and unique vacuum tube sound. On the buffer stage, buffers of up to +/- 200mA linear current output are utilized. The AMP9 has a high current drive capability for low impedance monitors and headphones, while giving a unique quality of tubes. AMP9 uses many high precision Susumu metal film resistors, custom gold-plated inductors, ROHM polymer tantalum capacitors and Panasonic polymer tantalum capacitors to effectively reduce power supply resistance and improve dynamic performance and resolution. A custom-made silicone shock absorber for the Nutube module, effectively reduces the microphonic effect. Each AMP9 is tested and matched with the AP audio analyzer, with 3 multi-turn potentiometers. The three potentiometers are manually calibrated and matched by engineers for the optimal performance of the Nutube. After 20 versions of development boards optimization and tuning, AMP9 brings a bright, sweet, and engaging sound, which is then brought to its full potential by our players.
ibasso amp7 discrete single ended amplifier card for dx220, dx200, dx150
AMP7 is a complete new discrete circuit design that based on our four channel architecture and features both a high voltage and current output. High current output is very useful for low impedance multi drivers in-ear monitors. Low VCE transistors are utilized and are manually sorted and paired, providing better consistency and linearity. The low VCE also expands the linearity range. +/-8V high voltage swing. This significantly improves dynamics and headroom, resulting in a more accurate sound that is true to the recording. The transistors used on the buffer stage have a up to 2700mA output current rating, which allows the AMP7 to drive IEMs and headphones that require high current with ease. Specification Phone Out: Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms Frequency Response: 10Hz-45KHz +/-0.3dB S/N: 122dB THD+N: 0.00023%, -113dB (no load@1.8Vrms) 0.00023%, -113dB (300@1.8Vrms) Output Impedance: 0.3ohm DNR: 122dB Crosstalk: -106dB Line Out: Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms Frequency Response: 10Hz-45KHz +/-0.3dB S/N: 117dB THD+N: 0.00023%, -113dB (no load@1.8Vrms) DNR: 117dB Average Play Time: 7.5hours (Play time varies with different sample/bit rates, volume and headphone/IEM loads.)UPC NO:650905700477 SKU:ADIB07GBFNZLW
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