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Kelay Mesh Office Chair - Ergonomic Desk Accessories for Work - Fully Adjustable Head Rest, Seat, Height, Tilt Tension, Armrest, Lumbar Pillow-Swivel Seat with Back and Posture Support Systems (Black)
Is your work or office chair causing you back pain? Sitting in a chair for extended periods can cause pain in the lower back. Working on your desk for long hours also increases stress on the neck and shoulders, and adds considerable pressure on your spine and muscles. Even impeccable posture may not save you from muscle strain. Ordinary desk chairs do not provide the proper support needed to keep you from slouching or overstretching your spinal ligaments. Don’t wait until your condition worsens. It’s time to choose comfort. With Kelay’s Mesh Office Chair, you get unprecedented and custom back support. Our chair is designed for total comfort, from the headrest to the seat depth. You can also adjust the lumbar pillow forwards or backwards and up or down for truly customized lower back support. There are 4 levels of lockable leaning angles. The height is fully adjustable, as well as the seat depth. Kelay is the first in Taiwan to develop a 4D arm rest. It features an interlocking function for intimate hand support. Move back and forth, up and down, left and right, or pivot. This multi-stage adjustment is exactly what your arms need for comfort. Product dimensions: Overall: Width 30 inches, depth 27.9 inches, height 43.7 to 52.36 inches Seat: Width 20.86 inches, depth 18.9 inches Lumbar pillow: Width 13.38 inches, height 6.7 inches Headrest: Width 11.8 inches, height 6.7 inches Product weight: 57.2 pounds Weight capacity: holds up to 300 pounds Here are more reasons to love our chair: A modern, sleek design makes it ideal for offices Has an anti-jolt mechanism for rebound prevention Has PU anti-scratch wheels Become as comfortable as possible, and maximize your productivity. Add Kelay’s Mesh Office Chair to your cart TODAY!
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