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Good Dirt 8qt All Purpose Potting Mix
Weight: 3.8 Pounds & bull;The perfect soil for indoor and outdoor plants & bull;Features BogBits® a recycled byproduct of peat moss harvest that helps air and nutrients flow to the roots. & bull;Experience bigger blooms, healthier roots, and faster growth & bull;All-natural, chemical-free, GMO-free, nut-free and vegan & bull;Pine bark free because it breaks down quickly, making a potting mix denseOur award-winning potting mix is made with BogBits®, a byproduct of the regenerative peat harvesting process of sustainably managed peat lands. BogBits provide the structure to create the ideal porosity, ensuring air, nutrient, and water flow to the roots. BogBits do not break down so that Good Dirt can be reused season after season without losing the integrity and texture of the soil. Better than conventional potting mixes, Good Dirt does not contain pine bark which breaks down quickly and causes a potting mix to become dense or turn into muck inhibiting root growth. We also do not use manure. Simply put, Good Dirt® Potting mix is clean dirt. Safe for the entire family and not harmful to the environment. The peat moss used in Good Dirt is sustainably managed and regenerating faster than the rate of harvest. Dig with us… naturally!
Good Dirt
Good Dirt Naturals Indoor/Outdoor Plant Food - 15 fl oz
Weight: 1.34 PoundsCoverage Area: 1 cubic foot & bull;Ideal for indoor and outdoor plants & bull;Contains oilseed extract known to improve overall plant health & bull;Concentrated formula blends evenly with water and makes up to 60 gallons of feeding solution & bull;Pathogen-Free, Heavy metals free, GMO-free, Chemical-free & bull;May be applied each time plants are watered; plants will store the nutrients and only use what they need to grow & bull;Made from renewable plant resources and sustainably produced in a zero-waste manufacturing facility in the USAThe Plant Food is a liquid concentrate derived naturally from oilseed extract, which contains everything nature puts into a seed to reproduce the species and therefor all the nutrients plants need to thrive. The natural oilseed extract contains trace elements and all the organic compounds found in a seed, including all plant essential amino acids. The NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) of the Plant Food is 10-4-3. Because it is not salt based, it will not burn roots and leaves. The plant food encourages both foliage and root growth thanks to the nutrition and the benefits the amino acids provide.
Good Dirt
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