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Classic 43.5 inch Gaming Desk Z Shape Office PC Computer Desk Gamer Tables w/ LED Lights
Come on! Get on the way to hot E-sports! Our charming gaming desk is convenient for you to play. The desk top has ample space for gaming monitors, gaming keyboard, and other gaming gears. Besides, the sturdy Z-shaped design allow you to play with comfort. You can also use it as writing desk for writing or reading. Moreover, it's super easy to clean and assemble. Indeed, you deserve such a wonderful gaming table and enjoy the fun of better gaming experience. Features: Large gaming surface to hold all of your gaming gears Sturdy metal frame legs with Z-shape designed to enhance stability Smooth, durable and spacious surface Trendy design adds elegance to your room Multifunctional usage, used either as a gaming desk or a writing desk Easy assembly and convenient to clean with sleek surface
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ContempoViews Electronic Component Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3: RPi Kit 1206 w/GPIO Pinboard, Breadboard & 1602 LCD
Brand: Contempo Views ContempoViews Electronic Component Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3: RPi Kit 1206 w/GPIO Pinboard Breadboard & 1602 LCDThis electronic kit is the perfect addition to your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. It includes numerous components which are compatible with RPi devices and will enhance your building and programming experience!Package contents - 1602 LCD display x 1 - Raspberry Pi GPIO pinboard + cable x 1 - 18B20 temperature sensor x 1 - Adjustable potentiometer x 1 - Infrared receiver sensor x 1 - Black remote control (17 buttons) x 1 - High quality 830 hole breadboard x 1 - 10K resistor x 10 - 560R resistor x 10 - Green LED x 2 - Red LED x 2 - Three color plug-in component x 1 - Dupont cable x 65 - 20cm female to female dupont cable (3pcs/row) x 1 - 20cm 3Pin female to female dupont cable x 1 - 1*40 pin header x 1 - Yellow cap+button x 2 - Red cap+button x 2 19 different components to upgrade your Raspberry Pi Over 100pcs in total! Compatible with RPi 2 and 3
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