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Autoscript TallyPlus Camera Number and Tally Display
The TallyPlus is a device which displays both the camera number (0-9) and the camera tally state (live, standby). Large, clear, illuminated numbers gives instant at-a-glance information on all cameras to the talent. When used in partnership with Autoscript's LED8-LED19 monitors the TallyPlus is mounted to the front of the monitor over the existing tally light. The built in opto sensor on the rear of the TallyPlus can then capture and replicate the status of the hidden tally light. Where a ClockPlus unit is also used the TallyPlus can be mounted above the teleprompter hood (MH-S, MH-W only) and using the supplied cables will also tally in tandem with the ClockPlus. This listing is for the +TallyPlus+ device.
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