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Aune X1S 32Bit/384KHz DSD DAC Headphone Amplifier black
Description: - The new X1S ESS uses chip ES9018K2M (with three filter mode), it can decode 32Bit / 384KHz and DSD 128 mastering-musical in real-time - X1S connected to computer is able to perfectly decode 32BIT and DSD mastering-musical, 32BIT / 384 and DSD128 format mastering ultra-clear music file formats, conventional CD is about 600M, 32BIT and DSD file is about four times the capacity of a traditional album mastering music with more details and more dynamic - More formats 32BIT / DSD mastering-music enjoy the interpretation - X1S applies central core MCU to control. Three modes of filter: Fast roll-off, Slow roll-off, Minimum phase. - Aune x1s is with background noise indicators 2UV and 0.0008 % distortion, low background noise and low distortion make X1S have super clean background and restore the most minute detail, dynamic index 126DB reduction and good large-signal transient. Parameter: - USB Decoding: highest 32BIT / 384K. DSD128 - Coaxial Optical Decoding: highest 24BIT / 192K - Digital coaxial output: up 24BIT / 192K - Line output level: 2.1V rms - Frequency response: (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz): ± 0.5 dB - Dynamic range: 126dB - Distortion THD + N @ 1KHz: -110dB - IMD + N @ 19KHz and 20KHz: -110dB - Crosstalk: -112dB - Amp output power: 300 ohm / 80MW - Color: Black Package included: - 1 x Host - 1 x Power supply - 1 x USB cable - 1 x Electronic manual - 1 x 6.5 to 3.5 Adapter UPC: 6962943227354 SKU: ADIB014FBZCCA
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