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Original Lamp for Anthem LTX 500V, LTX 300V Projector
Original Lamp For ANTHEM LTX 500V, LTX 300V ProjectorOriginal Manufacturers Lamp (OEM)The lamp supplied by the original projector manufacturer, identical to the one installed in the original projector. It gives the best performance in terms of brightness, life, etc. and is supported by a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.SpecificationsManufacturer: ANTHEMMPN: BHL-5010-SLamp Hours: 3000 hoursLamp Wattage: 200 wattsLamp Type: UHPManufacturer Warranty: 90 days
Original Philips Projector Lamp Replacement for Anthem LTX 300V (Bulb Only)
Original Philips UHP bulb only or with Housing for Anthem LTX 300V. The lamps are manufactured using high quality standards and technology; and provide the best picture quality, brightness and lifespan. Part Numbers: LTX 300V
Lutema Platinum for Anthem LTX 500V Projector Lamp (Original Philips Bulb)
Platinum solution for Lutema Anthem LTX 500V. Platinum Solution bulbs are origtinal Anthem replacement lamp and provide same brightness and lifespan. We are an authorized Philips, Osram and many other lamp manufacturers; and sell only genuine products. Part Numbers: LTX 500V
Lutema Platinum for Anthem BHL-5010-S Projector Lamp (Original Philips Bulb)
Platinum solution for Lutema Anthem BHL-5010-S. Platinum Solution bulbs are origtinal Anthem replacement lamp and provide same brightness and lifespan. We are an authorized Philips, Osram and many other lamp manufacturers; and sell only genuine products. Part Numbers: BHL-5010-S, BHL-5010S, BHL5010-S, BHL5010S Model Numbers: LTX 300V, LTX300V, LTX 500V, LTX500V
Jose Feliciano Behind This Guitar (Deluxe) LP (Vinyl)
& lt;header & gt; & lt;p & gt;Coming December 10, 2021 pre-order your copy today! Orders with both pre-order and in stock items will have all in stock items shipped immediately! & lt;/p & gt; & lt;/header & gt; & lt;header & gt; & lt;p & gt; & lt;strong & gt;Limited Edition Deluxe Vinyl LP With 2 Bonus Tracks! & lt;br & gt; Includes A Duet With Dolly Parton & amp; A Reimagined & quot;Feliz Navidad & quot;! & lt;/strong & gt; & lt;/p & gt; & lt;/header & gt; & lt;p & gt;The title track on Jos & amp;#233; Feliciano's 2019 album Behind This Guitar sums up, with uncanny accuracy, the still-unfolding career of this remarkable and singular figure in American musical culture of the last half-century. Puerto Rican by birth, a New Yorker (Spanish Harlem) from his childhood, Jos & amp;#233; Feliciano has been a fact of American musical life since his breakthrough at the height of the Sixties - the golden age of American pop and rock music. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt;Behind This Guitar brings the singer/guitarist full circle with producer and old friend Rick Jarrard, whom RCA Victor assigned to produce the very young Feliciano in the late 1960s. It was Jarrard who convinced Feliciano to record The Doors' & quot;Light My Fire & quot; for their album Feliciano! - the record that made him a household name in 1968. Two years later, in the midst of recording a Christmas album, it was Jarrard who told Feliciano they needed a new song and encouraged Feliciano as he virtually improvised the enduring classic & quot;Feliz Navidad & quot;. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt;Feliciano already had a distinctive international career when & quot;Light My Fire & quot; catapulted him to real pop superstardom. It was a song no one much wanted him to record except Jarrard. It was even the & quot;B & quot; side of the single from Feliciano! ( & quot;California Dreamin' & quot; was the & quot;A & quot; side). The rest is history. The recording won Feliciano a 1968 Grammy Award & amp;#174; for his performance, the same year he won the Grammy for Best New Artist of the Year. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt;Together again for Behind This Guitar, artist and producer have rediscovered their rhythm, in collaborating on the first album Feliciano has ever recorded in Nashville. The Deluxe LP features two bonus tracks: & quot;Eagle When She Flies & quot;, his & lt;strong & gt;first-ever duet with Dolly Parton & lt;/strong & gt;, and & quot;Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary (FN50) & quot;, a & lt;strong & gt;reimagined rerecording of his bilingual holiday classic & lt;/strong & gt;. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;p & gt;To date, Jos & amp;#233; Feliciano has won nine Grammy Awards including Lifetime Achievement honors, plus multiple other nominations. He has released more than 60 albums in both English and Spanish, on a variety of labels, collaborating with an extraordinary array of artists. He toured the world (and continues to), maintaining a vibrant presence in the Latin music world, and even became a fixture in American television with the theme song he recorded in 1974 for the hit series Chico And The Man. In 2000, Feliciano was named a Grammy Legend and, a decade later, & quot;Feliz Navidad & quot; entered the Grammy Hall of Fame. & lt;/p & gt; & lt;section id= & quot;features & quot; & gt; & lt;h3 & gt;Features & lt;/h3 & gt; & lt;ul & gt; & lt;li & gt;Limited Edition Deluxe & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Vinyl LP & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;2 Bonus Tracks & lt;/li & gt; & lt;/ul & gt; & lt;/section & gt; & lt;section id= & quot;selections & quot; & gt; & lt;h3 & gt;Selections & lt;/h3 & gt; & lt;ol & gt; & lt;li & gt;I'm America (feat. Virginia Union University Choir) & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Behind This Guitar & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;The Itch & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Love One Another & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Smokey Places & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Just Because & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;The Chain & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Feliz Navidad 50th Anniversary (FN50) (feat. CNCO, Isabela Merced, Shaggy, Jon Secada, Jason Mraz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Rachael Ray, Gloria Gaynor, Big & amp; Rich, Michael Bolton, Los Temeraios, Emannuel, Isabella Castillo, Jencarlos Canela, PItingo, Patricia Manterola, Jesus Molina, La India, Julio Iglesias Jr., Tony Carreira, Bertin Osborne, Pablo Montero, El Dasa, Nikki Vianna, Adam Irigoyen, Gord Bamford, Leo Dan, Frankie J, Sam Moore, Styx) & lt;/li & gt; & lt;li & gt;Eagle When She Flies (feat. Dolly Parton) & lt;/li & gt; & lt;/ol & gt; & lt;/section & gt;
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