Reach shoppers who are ready to buy

Pay only for clicks

You're not charged until a shopper clicks your ad — in other words, when your advertising is working.

Control your ad performance

Once you’ve started a campaign you can try new keywords, adjust your budgets, and pause or restart at any time.

Monitor your success

Create your account on Seller Central, the Web interface where you will also manage your selling account.

How it works

Create your campaign

Start by setting your budget and duration. Next, choose the keywords that will make your ad show in search results or use our suggested keywords. Finally, select your products and launch your campaign.

Shoppers see your ad

Highly relevant ads are delivered to very targeted searches. Your ads may be displayed on page one of search results and on product detail pages.

Measure success

Use Sponsored Products reports to measure and optimize your ad spending so you can see for yourself the return you get for each dollar spent.