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The Competitive Buddha - by Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)

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The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
The Competitive Buddha - by  Jerry Lynch (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 236
Genre: Sports + Recreation
Sub-Genre: Coaching
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Mango
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: General
Author: Jerry Lynch
Language: English

About the Book

The Competitive Buddha is about the humanistic side of competing and coaching, that of connection, cooperation, compassion, collaboration, and a more mindful way of mastering our craft. You will be able to heighten your joy and happiness while reducing the suffering in your life. Sports are one of the few activities in life that can help you to do this. As a lifelong student of philosophy, psychology, and athletics, Dr. Lynch has learned that this is possible.

Book Synopsis

Buddha Can Improve Your Athletic Performance and Life

"No other person has had more influence on my thirty-six years of coaching than Jerry Lynch."--Missy Foote, Head women's lacrosse coach, Middlebury College

#1 New Release in Coaching Hockey, Tennis

Connect Spirituality to Sports. The Competitive Buddha is about mastery, leadership, and spirituality. Learn what you need to keep, what you need to discard, and what you need to add to your mental, emotional, and spiritual skill set as an athlete, coach, leader, parent, CEO, or any other performer in life. Understand how Buddhism can help you to be better prepared for sports and life, and how sports and life can teach you about Buddhism. Discover how people from all parts of the world have brought together the Buddha and athletics for greater fun, enjoyment, and pleasure during their performances.

On the Court, Field, and Beyond. Dr. Lynch is an avid runner and biker and he has coached athletes at the high school and AAU level. He earned his doctorate in psychology at Penn State University and has done extensive post-doctoral work in the area of philosophy, Taoist and Buddhist thought, comparative religions, leadership development, and performance enhancement. Dr. Jerry Lynch demonstrates how certain timeless core Buddha values inspire you to embrace and navigate unchartered waters and understand the Buddha-mind and the Kobe Bryant Mamba Mentality.

Become a Master Coach of Your Own Life. When it comes to leadership and coaching, The Competitive Buddha teaches how the best coaches today use the ancient methods for our modern times. Learn specific strategies and techniques for implementing this special way to guide and lead.

The Competitive Buddha teaches:

  • Leadership Skills
  • How to use Buddhism as an approach to competition
  • How to master athletics and life

Readers who enjoyed Win the Day, Mamba Mentality, or Relentless Optimism will love The Competitive Buddha.