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Reckless - by Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)

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Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Reckless - by  Ed Brubaker (Hardcover)
Number of Pages: 144
Genre: Comics + Graphic Novels
Sub-Genre: Crime & Mystery
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Image Comics
Age Range: Adult
Author: Ed Brubaker
Language: English

About the Book

"Meet Ethan Reckless: your trouble is his business, for the right price. But when a fugitive from his student radical days reaches out for help, Ethan must face the only thing he fears ... his own past"--

Book Synopsis

Sex, drugs, and murder in 1980s Los Angeles... And the best new twist on paperback pulp heroes since The Punisher or Jack Reacher.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the modern masters of crime noir, bring us the last thing anyone expected from them - a good guy - in a bold new series of original graphic novels, with three books releasing over the next year, each a full-length story that stands on its own.

Meet Ethan Reckless: Your trouble is his business, for the right price. But when a fugitive from his student radical days reaches out for help, Ethan must face the only thing he fears... his own past.

"Imagine Redford at his peak, ambling through sun-drenched, eighties L.A. in a serpentine plot that is equal parts Long Goodbye and Point Break. No one does crime fic like Brubaker and Phillips and their collaboration has never felt more new. Explosive. Vital. And yes... reckless. I love this book." - Damon Lindelof (Lost, HBO's Watchmen)

"Reckless is an absolute rush: on the same level as golden age Travis McGee novels and the hardest-hitting Richard Stark stories. This one comes at you as fast as Steve McQueen in a souped-up Mustang and as hard as Charles Bronson with a baseball bat. You gotta have it." - Joe Hill (Locke & Key, N0S4A2)

Look for book 2 in the Reckless series in April 2021!

Review Quotes

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY --The sure-footed latest hardboiled thriller from Brubaker and Phillips (Criminal) hits the ground running, delivering both style and substance in its sunny 1980s California setting. Ethan Reckless, a freelance fixer and odd-jobs man operating out of an old movie palace, gets a call from an ex-girlfriend that drags him back to his tangled past in the hippie counterculture. His attempt to help his ex recover stolen money brings him up against the FBI, the CIA, left-wing terrorists, plus old friends and enemies. Reckless is a quintessential noir hero, a jaded man who has countless secrets and a weakness for troublemaking women, and Brubaker and Phillips hit familiar beats with each plot twist and turn. An undercurrent of political commentary and judicious use of historical details, like the CIA's domestic spy program, lend welcome heft to the pulpy proceedings. Phillips drenches the pages in warm, saturated colors that provide an ironic contrast to the characters' shady doings. This slick offering from an ├╝ber-talented team, the first in a series, promises good things to come. (Dec.)

"Twists abound and tension mounts as this first installment in a new ongoing series progresses, offering a fantastic introduction to a fascinating protagonist. VERDICT While obviously inspired by classic characters such as Travis McGee and Jack Reacher, Brubaker and Phillips's (Cruel Summer) Reckless transcends the creators' influences in this complex portrait of the heartbroken melancholy of a disillusioned idealist who can't quite give up on his fellow man." -Library Journal