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Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)

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Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Neuroscience for Organizational Change - 2nd Edition by  Hilary Scarlett (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 288
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Human Resources & Personnel Management
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kogan Page
Age Range: Adult
Author: Hilary Scarlett
Language: English

About the Book

Draw on evidence from neuroscience to help ensure effective and successful organizational change by improving employee engagement, productivity and resilience.

Book Synopsis

Organizational change can be unpredictable and stressful. With a better understanding of what our brains need to focus and perform at their best, organizations and leaders can increase employee engagement, productivity and well-being to successfully manage such periods of uncertainty. Drawing on the latest scientific research and verified by an independent neuroscientist, Neuroscience for Organizational Change explores the need for social connection at work, how best to manage emotions and reduce bias in decision-making, and why we need communication, involvement and storytelling to help us through change. Practical tips and suggestions can be found throughout, as well as examples of how these insights have been applied at organizations such as Lloyds Banking Group and GCHQ. The book also sets out a practical science-based planning model, SPACES, to enhance engagement.

This updated second edition of Neuroscience for Organizational Change contains new chapters on planning the working day with the brain in mind and on overcoming the difficulties related to behavioural change. It also features up-to-the-minute wider content reflecting the latest insights and developments, and updated case studies from the first edition which give a long-term view of the benefits of applying neuroscience in organizations.

Review Quotes

Neuroscience for Organizational Change is a key resource for managers and consultants in the planning and conduct of neuroscience-based organizational change. Hilary Scarlett provides a comprehensive and practical discussion of the link between neuroscience principles and organizational change. This is a book that you will use again and again.-- "Walter McFarland, Board Chair emeritus of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and co-author of Choosing Change"

Change, in all forms, wants to disrupt and do things differently, while our brains prefer a steady state with repetitive actions. Hilary Scarlett has provided a practical, accessible way to understand this reality and improve how we manage our leadership and change needs.-- "David W. Jamieson, Professor and Director of Organization Development & Change Doctorate, University of St Thomas, Minneapolis"

Filled with pertinent research and generous insight, this book is a pleasure to read. Every professional involved with behavior change should read this book to ensure that they have the latest applied information on the topic. Scarlett has seamlessly integrated the logic for why it is important to change with the realities of how our brains can fight us in changing. Working with behavior change without the scientific knowledge provided in this book is a certain handicap for all genres of change professionals.-- "Theresa Moulton, Editor-in-Chief Change Management Review"

Hilary Scarlett has achieved something remarkable, an immensely readable guide to the way that modern work impacts upon our minds. Anyone wanting to improve the impact of their job on them or their teams will be enthralled by it.-- "Bruce Daisley VP EMEA, Twitter & author of Sunday Times bestseller The Joy of Work"

Hilary Scarlett has produced a fascinating and accessible guide to the science behind our behaviour at work. Full of practical advice, this will be a useful book for anyone wanting to become a better manager, and for leaders with the vision to build a more positive workplace.-- "Jo Swinson, CBE, Minister for Employment Relations 2012 - 2015, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democratic party"

In this second edition, Hilary has added significant insights on behavioural change (both for self and others) as well as clear applications readers can use to maximize their own productivity. This book continues to provide leaders and change agents with a timeless version of how to translate science into practical steps in working with change and leading their people.-- "Dr Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge, Visiting Fellow of Roffey Park Institute UK and the Singapore Civil Service College; voted number one top influential thinker in 2018 by HR Magazine UK"

The additional work in the second edition of Neuroscience for Organizational Change adds an extra dimension of practicality to the ideas in the first edition. Put simply, the extra chapters gave me lots of ideas for the content of my change plans, to really help achieve behavioural change. I loved the emphasis on well-being and how to treat our brains with care. I think that guidance is a great conversation starter for organisations beginning to prioritise mental health at work. This book is useful, relevant and readable.-- "Melanie Franklin, Director, Agile Change Management"

This book is a great synthesis of scientific research and practical implementation. It enables readers to understand the science and then apply it to improve both their own performance and that of their teams.-- "Vincent Walsh, Professor of Human Brain Research, University College London"

This book is a must-have resource for change practitioners and leaders who want to understand how people process information, what can be done to manage threat and reward responses, and how to lead change. The way we manage change is changing and this book helps us understand that every person travels a unique and personal journey through change that leaders can influence when the right approach is used.-- "Michelle Pallas, USA Country Co-Lead, Change Management Institute"

This is an outstanding read, packed full of compelling evidence and presented in short, digestible chunks with practical suggestions and ideas. It's an invaluable handbook for any HR professional looking to get under the human skin of organisational change and to help them to make sense of the stuff we know intrinsically to be true.-- "Dr Neil Wooding, Chief People Officer, Ministry of Justice People"

About the Author

Hilary Scarlett is a writer, international speaker and consultant on change management and neuroscience. Her work, which has spanned Europe, the US and Asia, concentrates on the development of people-focused change management programmes, employee engagement and well-being. Hilary has been working with neuroscientists at University College London and in the US to apply cognitive neuroscience to practical management tools. She regularly works with leadership teams in the private and public sectors to help them build resilience and successfully introduce change.