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Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface

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Minnesota Lynx
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Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Lynx Aurora(n) 16 Dante Audio Interface
Dimensions (Overall): 22.38 inches (L), 4.0 inches (H) x 15.44 inches (W) x 22.38 inches (D)
Weight: 9.0 pounds
Warranty: No Applicable Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item,
• Upgradable modules including a pre-amp, analog summing and digital connectivity (AES3+ADAT)
• 1-in 3-out world clock with Lynx’s second generation SynchroLock-2 technology
• Onboard 32ch microSD recorder for direct recording and playback
• Future-proof LSlot design with swappable USB, Thunderbolt, ProTools|HD and DANTE cards
• Two audiophile-grade headphone outs with independent volume controls
Lynx has revamped the entire Aurora Series with major advancements in performance, flexibility, channel count and more. Designed to accommodate today’s needs as well as future requirements for the audio professional, the Aurora(n) features an I/O platform that can be uniquely configured using different modules allowing for a future-proof design that will grow with system. The updated Aurora(n) series also incorporates a Micro SD card slot for up to 32-channels of real time recording and playback. Transparent AudioLynx’s hallmark sonic transparency is the reason why ’ll find Lynx converters being used in the most mission-critical audio applications and in the world’s finest audio recording facilities. For audio engineers and producers seeking the most pristine recordings and mixes Lynx is the converter of choice at facilities like Dolby’s new mega complex of audio research, Skywalker Sound, NPR, and the Smithsonian Institute. Lynx converters pass the most stringent tests to become the converters of choice for these discerning customers. Precision matters more than ever with these customers and there is no place for even the slightest coloration or degradation of the signal.Discrete Converter ArraySome manufacturers use multiple converters on a single chip. While that is one way to fit many converter channels in a single rack space while lowering costs, it comes at a steep cost in performance. At Lynx, the analog signal path for each channel has been designed as a self-contained and shielded circuit. Each channel pair has its own dedicated conversion device. This has many sonic advantages by significantly reducing crosstalk and distortion while increasing dynamic range and performance.Future-Proof LSlot DesignWith Lynx LSlot technology choose how want to connect device, without restrictions when it comes time to upgrade. This future-proof design lets choose from current connectivity options like USB, Thunderbolt, ProTools|HD and Dante, and also allows for easy integration of future standards so can change the system whenever need to.Micro SD Recorder/PlayerThe built-in Micro SD card slot in the Aurora(n) gives up to 32-channels of real-time 96K recording and playback via on-board device and 16 channels at 192K. A 256GB card will provide 8.3 hours of 32 channel/96K record/playback. Samsung has announced a 1TB card and the Aurora(n) will support up to a 2TB card when available. This means can record 66.3 hours of 32ch/96K audio on a 2TB card.