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Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by Jennifer Cook (Paperback)

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Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Intermittent Fasting Diet Guide - by  Jennifer Cook (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 112
Genre: Health + Wellness
Sub-Genre: Diet & Nutrition
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Wellbeing Lifestyle Ltd
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Weight Loss
Author: Jennifer Cook
Language: English

Book Synopsis

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Launch Your Body's Natural Detox Mechanism For Effortless Weight Loss And Amazing Anti-Aging Effects!

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Do You Want To Lose Weight...While Feasting On Delicious Food?

Are you...

✓ desperately trying out every weight loss strategy but not seeing effects?

✓ seeing your metabolism slow down with age and wondering what to do?

✓ seeking to prevent heart disease and Type 2 diabetes?

Give Intermittent Fasting a try!

Intermittent Fasting is a weight loss method that involves, well, fasting (surprise!). You can eat a wide variety of healthy foods during your non-fasting days or hours, and you eat nothing while you fast.

Intermittent Fasting for weight loss is not just about eating fewer calories. Going without food for a prolonged period of time activates metabolic pathways that stabilize your blood sugar and make the body use its fat stores for energy (this is called metabolic autophagy and this is exactly what you want).

Unlike conventional dieting which leads to fragile bones and a reduction in muscle mass, Intermittent Fasting only burns fat. Bone health is especially important if you're over 50 because broken bones become much more difficult to heal.

So what's the secret of Intermittent Fasting? Do you just run around hungry?

It's important to stick to a proven fasting protocol which is known to be safe and effective. This Intermittent Fasting diet guide lists numerous Intermittent Fasting methods that you can try.

Can you just eat whatever you like when you're not fasting?

A day of binging on fast food can easily undo the effects of a long fast. So it's best to consume healthy foods when not fasting - the low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic Diet is a perfect nutrition strategy to combine with Intermittent Fasting if you know how to do it (don't worry, this bookwill teach you)!

Here's what you'll find in this book:
  • The benefits of Intermittent Fasting in different situations and phases of a woman's life, including menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause
  • Smart nutrition strategies that combine the Ketogenic Diet with Intermittent Fasting
  • All the fasting schedules that have been proven to work: the 16/8 method, the 5:2 method, warrior fasting, and many more!
  • Expert Intermittent Fasting tips for athletes

Even if you've dieted before and find the results disappointing, Intermittent Fasting is sure to work for you. And even if you're not into fasting, the 60 recipes included in the book are a great addition to your culinary repertoire.

Lose that weight and heal your body now. Simply eat well, and eat on a schedule.

Buy it NOW and let your Customer get addicted to this amazing intermittent fasting diet guide!