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Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by Laurie Colwin (Paperback)

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Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Home Cooking - (Vintage Contemporaries) by  Laurie Colwin (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 193
Genre: Cooking + Food + Wine
Sub-Genre: Essays & Narratives
Series Title: Vintage Contemporaries
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vintage
Age Range: Adult
Author: Laurie Colwin
Language: English

About the Book

A unique feast for body and soul, "Home Cooking" shares the delightful pleasures of discovering cooking and eating good, simple food.

Book Synopsis

Weaving together memories, recipes, and wild tales of years spent in the kitchen, Home Cooking is Laurie Colwin's cookbook manifesto on the joys of sharing food and entertaining.

From the humble hotplate of her one-room apartment to the crowded kitchens of bustling parties, Colwin regales us with tales of meals gone both magnificently well and disastrously wrong. Hilarious, personal, and full of Colwin's hard-won expertise, Home Cooking will speak to the heart of any amateur cook, professional chef, or food lover.

"As much memoir as cookbook and as much about eating as cooking." --The New York Times Book Review

Review Quotes

"Celebrates a life devoted to food, with chapters on how to cook a meal for several hundred people, how to prepare a gourmet dinner with eggplant in your bathtub, and how to make the best fried chicken in the world." --Santa Fe New Mexican

"As much memoir as cookbook and as much about eating as cooking." --The New York Times Book Review

Everything food writing should be: funny, profound, inspiring and unaffected. --Nigella Lawson

"The one true kitchen friend. --The Washington Post

"Laurie Colwin's food thoughts are like phone calls from a dear friend." --The New York Times

"A delightful tribute to food, friends and kitchen memories.... This charmer is as irresistible as homemade shortbread." --San Diego Union-Tribune

"A very funny book. Funny enough to make you giggle out loud." --Newsday

"[Laurie Colwin] is a home cook, like you and me, whose charm and lack of pretension make her wonderfully human and a welcome companion." --Chicago Tribune

"I decided to lean back and trust Ms. Colwin when she revealed that 'I am never on a diet regime I cannot be talked out of.'" --Ann Banks, The New York Times Book Review

"Delightful. . . . [Colwin] is funny, and for some reason funny stories about food are as funny as things can get." --St. Petersburg Times

"Cozy, unpretentious good sense . . . characterizes all her food writing." --The New York Times

"I have in my kitchen a book called Home Cooking. And, in between following the recipes for Extremely Easy Beef Stew, or Estelle Colwin Snellenberg's Potato Pancakes, I would frequently sit down on a little stool in my kitchen and read through one of the essays in that book. I never read through The Joy of Cooking, and I can read the Silver Palate Cookbook standing up, but I always sat down to read these." --Anna Quindlen

"Laurie Colwin is both sensible and sensitive when writing about food, and [her] prose makes me laugh, cry and feel hungry all at the same time." --The Baltimore Sun

"Reading the essays of Laurie Colwin is a bit like eating comfort food: warm, familiar and good for the soul." --Hartford Courant

"A warm, personal remembrance of the foods Colwin ate as a child and later served to friends and family." --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"[Colwin] is a beacon of hope. For beginning cooks, Home Cooking is a grand consciousness and/or confidence-raiser." --The Oregonian

"Like a classic dish, [Colwin's] writing is magic in its simplicity." --Charlotte Observer

"Wry and funny." --Dallas Morning News

"Charming and humorous." --USA Today

"Enthralling, but all too short. The only thing to do [is] reread it. And then turn to her novels." --Buffalo News

About the Author

Laurie Colwin is the author of five novels--Happy All the Time; Family Happiness; Goodbye Without Leaving; A Big Storm Knocked It Over; and Shine On, Bright and Dangerous Object--three collections of short stories--Passion and Affect; The Lone Pilgrim; and Another Marvelous Thing--and two collections of essays, Home Cooking and More Home Cooking. Colwin died in 1992.