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Eye of the Storm - by Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)

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Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Eye of the Storm - by  Ryan Stevenson (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 240
Genre: Religion + Beliefs
Sub-Genre: Christian Life
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Age Range: Adult
Author: Ryan Stevenson
Language: English

About the Book

Few know about the personal storms that propelled Ryan Stevenson's music career and lead to the writing of his Dove Award-winning song. Eye of the Storm tells the story behind the song and speaks about holding onto God in the midst of life's deepest pain.

Book Synopsis

How an unexpected lightning storm changed everything

Ryan Stevenson's Dove Award-winning breakout hit "Eye of the Storm" was an overnight success, but his path to releasing that song was decades in the making. Ryan always knew he was called to be a musician, yet it took years of career changes, failed label contracts, and leaps of faith for him to achieve his dream.

In his debut book Eye of the Storm, Ryan shares his zig-zagging journey from farm boy to singer and songwriter, and the life events along the way that have shaped his relationship with God. From his insecurity with self-image, to his grief and fear during his mother's lengthy battle with cancer, to his high-stress days working as a paramedic, Ryan describes the many ways his faith was tested--and how each trial helped him become more reliant on Christ.

Eye of the Storm will inspire, encourage, and challenge you to trust more deeply in God, confident that any struggle you face in life will help mold you into the person He wants you to become.

Review Quotes

"Ryan has a unique and compelling story to tell, and his life has been an adventurous journey! I first got to know Ryan when we wrote "Speak Life" together. Now I know him as a friend and an artist. I am truly impacted by who he is as a person and thankful we now walk together through this world. Ryan cares deeply about the things that matter, and he lives them out with passion. I am truly blessed to call him friend."
--TobyMac, award-winning artist and producer

"Ryan is deeply committed to the honesty of the journey. I am honored to be a witness to his courage and determination and his wholehearted pursuit of authentic truth-telling and creative craft."
--Paul Young, bestselling author of The Shack

"Ryan is quite possibly one of the best storytellers I've ever had the good pleasure to work with. From the moment I met him and we talked for nearly three hours on the couch of my office, he mesmerized me with the tale of his journey. I know we listened to music at some point in that meeting, but it was this story you're about to read that I remember most in that first meeting. Ryan is an amazing musician, songwriter, and performer, but I think God gave him that Mark Twain quality of telling a tale that seems so familiar yet so fantastical that you're not sure if fact is fiction or fiction is fact, but you know that you just can't put the book down."
--Joey Elwood, president and cofounder of Gotee Records

"Ryan's story is captivating and unique--nothing short of miraculous! I loved reading about his journey and seeing the Lord's hand on his life. This is a beautifully compelling story, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for him."
--Bart Millard, lead singer for Mercy Me

"Our family and Ryan's go back many years. His mother and I became best friends, so our families ended up spending a lot of time together. His musical abilities did not start coming out until he left for college, so who could have known that he would end up where he is? Only God! We are proud of him and his success. He will always remain one of our kids."
--Sandy DeJong, owner of Langell Valley Dairy

"Ryan Stevenson literally saved my life with his abilities as a paramedic, his value for the sanctity of life itself, and most importantly...prayer. Within these pages lie not only stories about Ryan's journey but also messages of hope, persistence, and love that will become a part of your soul. I have a special place in my heart for Ryan, and I believe that once you get to know him through his story, you'll make a place for him in yours as well."
--Lara Eusterman, lightning strike survivor

About the Author

Ryan Stevenson is a singer, songwriter, and the Grammy-nominated recording artist behind hit Christian music songs such as "Eye of the Storm" and "Speak Life." Raised in rural southern Oregon, Stevenson worked as a paramedic before his music career took off. He now lives in Nashville with his wife and children.