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Change for the Audacious - by Steve John Waddell (Paperback)

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Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Change for the Audacious - by  Steve John Waddell (Paperback)
Number of Pages: 240
Genre: Business + Money Management
Sub-Genre: Development
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Networkingaction
Age Range: Adult
Book theme: Sustainable Development
Author: Steve John Waddell
Language: English

About the Book

Addressing critical challenges like climate change, food security and equity requires large systems change and development of powerful change systems. This book builds on over 30 years of the author's personal change work and integrates that of others, to provide a comprehensive overview of, and tools and resources for, larges systems change.

Book Synopsis

We must and can do much better at addressing issues such as climate change, food security, health, education, environmental degradation, peace-building, water, equity, corruption, and wealth creation. This book is for people working on these types of issues, with the belief that we can create a future that is not just "sustainable", but also flourishing. This perspective means that the challenge is not just one of simple change, but of transformation - radical change in the way we perceive our world, create relationships and organize our societies. This is the implication of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and other global efforts, and also innumerable efforts locally, nationally and regionally.

This book approaches these challenges as large systems change issues: issues requiring engagement of many, many people and organizations often globally; issues requiring deep innovation with shifts in mindsets and power structures; and issues that require capacity to work with complexity. Large systems change is presented as a new field of practice and knowledge; the book is not about a "method" or particular "approach"; rather it provides an overview of frameworks, methods and approaches to develop capacity to use the appropriate ones in particular contexts.

After introducing concepts of transformation and complexity, the book presents five case studies of large systems change. These cases and others are referenced throughout the remainder of the book to present large systems change strategy, organizing structures, steps in developing the necessary collective action, tools, and guidance for change practitioners.

Review Quotes

A truly path breaking work. Change agents dealing with societal challenges - whether working in large organisations or on their own - have now a treasure chest that will inspire and guide. Georg Kell Founding Executive Director UN Global Compact Vice Chair Arabesque Partners Steve Waddell's book provides a much needed resource for leaders of social change, with helpful frames and tools to support this challenging work. John Kania Managing Director FSG Reading it will be energizing and enabling for people fighting for a better world. Peter Eigen Founder and Chairman of the Advisory Council Transparency International Change for the Audacious offers readers a road map for examining, reflecting and reimagining large scale systems changes so that the systems that impact peoples' lives can work better, work better together and ultimately lead to an equity rich society. Dwayne C. Proctor, Ph. D. Senior Adviser to the President Director, Health Equity Portfolio Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Steve's book is not just a guide to action, but delivers the message that what seems impossible in theory can be done in practice Simon Zadek Co-chair The Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System Visiting Professor and DSM Senior Fellow in Partnership and Sustainability Singapore Management University Steve has taken his vast knowledge of systems and our planet, and given us a roadmap that can profoundly help us all as we undertake the system transformation that is needed in our world. Sandra Waddock Galligan Chair of Strategy Carroll School Scholar of Corporate Responsibility Professor of Management Boston College It integrates Steve's own impressive experience with lessons from many leaders in this work to present a comprehensive approach with valuable frameworks, tools and insights. Sandy Heierbacher Director National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation He offers practical approaches for how to more effectively engage with the complexity and unpredictability of the systems we seek to transform, whether local or global. Mike Taylor Director International Land Coalition secretariat at IFAD Change for the Audacious puts forward a fresh and action-oriented approach to changing systems and scaling change that will prove enlightening and effective to change makers across the social sector. Jamaica Maxwell, Organizational Effectiveness, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation This detailed and comprehensive volume will give readers a better understanding of what transformative change entails, but it also provides a plethora of tools and strategies to enhance social capacities for change. Per Olsson Theme leader, Adaptive governance, networks and learning Stockholm Resilience Centre Change makers at all levels of experience will find it provides valuable guidance. Ajay Tejasvi Narasimhan Convenor - Global Partnership on Leadership World Bank Steve's passion for large systems change is unparalleled and in this book he has collected a broad range of methods, concept and tools that manifest that passion. Dave Snowden Chief Scientific Officer Cognitive Edge Steve Waddell offers an interpretation which is tangible, practical and well written. Professor Danny Burns Participation Research Cluster Leader Institute of Development Studies This book provides a unique resource for such leaders by pulling together knowledge and tools from a diversity of work and traditions to support strategic, collaborative impact. Petra Kuenkel Co-Founder, Executive Director Collective Leadership Institute Full Member - Club of Rome The Large Systems Change approach of this book, compiling the work and tools of so many change leaders, provides many examples and a valuable map of leading practice to support those working for transformation. Mille Bojer Christel Scholten Directors Reos Partners