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Arturia AudioFuse Studio

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Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Arturia AudioFuse Studio
Dimensions (Overall): 12.9 inches (L), 6.4 inches (H) x 8.25 inches (W) x 12.9 inches (D)
Weight: 6.43 pounds
Warranty: No Applicable Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item,
• 8 inputs, 20 outputs channels
• 4 micinstrumentline preamps with DiscretePRO technology
• 4 additional line inputs, with inputs 5-6 commutable to Phono
• 4 analog inserts on channel 1-4
• Bluetooth audio receiver supporting aptX and AAC
The Arturia AudioFuse Studio is a flexible, adaptable 18-in, 20-out audio interface that combines hugely powerful features, with top-tier sound quality and a focus on creative workflow. When ’re ready to take the next step with the quality of studio products, AudioFuse Studio will be ready for . The ultimate desktop audio interface, AudioFuse Studio gives four world-class preamps, incredible connectivity, a versatile feature set, and a host of clever design features.A future-proof investment in music, and one that will let hear, record, and mix with clarity ’ve never heard before. AudioFuse Studio lets track music with the highest quality; it lets A/B mix on different monitor setups; it lets re-amp guitars; it lets stream with Bluetooth using the best codec around; it keeps working efficiently with a one-button, one-function interface. No matter what studio situation find self in, AudioFuse Studio is the solution.The quality deserveSuperb preamps, rock-solid performance, low latency, dozens of incredibly useful “just in case” features like a built-in phono preamp for vinyl sampling, Bluetooth streaming to monitors or a channel in DAW, awesome USB-C, ADAT, MIDI, and Word Clock connectivity and robust build. AudioFuse Studio gives 4 of our legendary Discrete Pro© preamps to track music, and a superb analog signal path that will reveal every nuance of audio. The super-low Equivalent Input Noise (EIN) lets capture every subtle detail, while the huge 72dB input gain gives enough gain to drive even the quietest ribbon mic. Everything is also capture with a practically perfect flat frequency response, too.Enhancing the way make musicAudioFuse Studio sports a Bluetooth receiver with the highest possible codec, so can pair it with phone and stream music to studio speakers, or track directly from the incoming stream. Every connection features the best components on the market, giving perfectly transparent analog-digital conversion, practically non-existent noise on the preamps, even when fully cranked, loads of gain to make even the quietest mics shine, and a silky-smooth, audiophile listening experience. It lets easily check mix on multiple monitor systems with instant speaker A/B switching, so can save time and effort of cross-checking mixes on different systems. AudioFuse Studio also features a dedicated re-amping output, so can record guitar and bass directly into DAW, and then tweak later with precisely matched guitar-level output.AudioFuse Creative SuiteAudioFuse Studio not only gives everything need to record top-of-the-line audio, it also gives legendary effects and synth sounds to enjoy. AudioFuse Studio comes complete with the AudioFuse Creative Suite, an ever-evolving collection of software effects and instruments that will let add own unique signature to music. Color the pristine inputs of AudioFuse Studio with stunning vintage effects.

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