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Calligraphy Ink Intro Set 6ct - Winsor and Newton
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpPackage Quantity: 6 & bull; 30ml bottles of water-soluble ink for drawing and lettering & bull; Intermixable, vibrant, long-lasting colors & bull; 5 transparent inks to use with a dip pen, fountain pen, or airbrush & bull; May use transparent inks to fill ink converters for fountain pens & bull; Use gold opaque ink only with dip pens and brushesCalligraphy Ink Introductory Set by Winsor & Newton feature vibrant ink for handmade cards, invitations, and illustrations. Carefully chosen pigments ensure the ink maintains maximum brilliance of color and mixability. The high-quality formula produces lightfast colors with a good permanence rating (AA or A); however, they are not waterproof. The 30 ml bottles with blue caps offer thinner, non-clogging, transparent ink suitable for use in a dip pen, fountain pen, airbrush, or technical pen. The red-capped opaque inks are for use only with dip pens or brushes. The Calligraphy Ink Introductory Set contains 5 transparent colors (green, sepia, crimson, dark blue, and black) and 1 opaque color (gold).
Winsor & Newton
Drawing Ink Pack Henry Collection 8ct - Winsor and Newton
Suggested Age: 12 Years and UpInk Color: Yellow, Green, Black, Brown, Purple, Orange, Blue, RedPackage Quantity: 8 & bull; Brilliant, mixable dye-based inks & bull; Apply with brush, dip pen, fountain pen, or airbrush & bull; May be diluted with water & bull; Create transparent washes of color & bull; Perfect for illustrators, calligraphers, and other artistsThe Henry Collection Drawing Ink Pack by Winsor & Newton features an introductory set of 8 colors perfect for illustrators, designers, calligraphers, and artists. These versatile inks are formulated from a series of soluble dyes in a superior shellac solution. They offer brilliant, fast drying colors that are fully intermixable and easily diluted. Apply these inks with a brush, pen, or airbrush. The colors are water resistant, transparent, and may be layered for unique shades and a variety of effects. The Henry Collection Drawing Ink Pack of 8 contains black (Indian Ink), blue, carmine, canary yellow, emerald, nut brown, orange, and violet.
Winsor & Newton
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