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Introduction To Electric Guitar DVD Watch & Learn Video
Put down your video game and learn to play the REAL electric guitar! This 60 minute DVD from the "Watch & Learn Video Primer" covers all the basics that you will need to get started playing including hand positions, riffs, power chords, chords & strumming and scales. The student will play along with a full band on the song examples. The author of this instruction method, Bert Casey is a professional performer and teacher in the Atlanta area for over 20 years. This is the most complete method for beginning guitarist to learn and play. This DVD contains many unique features which lead to successful playing and hours of enjoyment.
Watch & Learn
Introduction to Acoustic Guitar DVD
INTRODUCTION TO ACOUSTIC GUITAR DVDA 60-minute video aimed at the beginning student - contains all the information needed to get started on the acoustic guitar.Covers all the basics; proper hand positions, tuning, scales, rhythm (chords & strumming, bass notes and bass runs), and lead playing.Utilizes 14 familiar songs to play and sing along.
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