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us blues p3greb grip woods ebony guitar picks
This Pack of 3 Artist Quality Ebony Grip Guitar Picks is recommended for acoustic and electric guitar. These picks feature a thumb impression and finger groove to give you the best grip of your life. Our Ebony is jet black with caramel streaks and is polished to a smooth lustrous finish. Ebony is a hard dense wood that creates a rapid attack and clean, crisp sound. Ebony is rugged and durable enough to last through many electric guitar sessions while bringing out bright, accurate tone. Acoustic guitar players will notice a brighter overall sound as opposed to mellowness. Ebony has been used for centuries by fine furniture makers throughout the old world. More recently Ebony has been used for musical instrument components and parts such as guitar and fine stringed instrument finger boards, bridge pins, the black keys on pianos and for the black pieces in many fine chess sets. US Blues offers music accessories made of sustainably sourced exotic materials that improve the tone and modulation of your instrument and therefore your overall playing and enjoyment. We use by-products of various industries, such as guitar making, to source materials that otherwise would not have been repurposed. We strive to bring the quality of your music to a new higher level and are proud to have elevated the guitar pick to the level of "Pick as Instrument".UPC NO:681165172018 SKU:ADIB00U0UV0RC
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