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URC MX-890 Remote Control
Everything you need in one amazing remote This powerful-universal remote control will change everything for you and your family from the moment it arrives. Employing the latest in technology and ergonomic design, the MX-890 is equipped to handle virtually any application. Easily control every Audio and Video product you own - lighting, too. One touch puts you in complete command of everything. This beauty is strong enough to control the most robust entertainment or theater room, and versatile enough to allow you to select other rooms in the house. Customize away The MX-890 features a brilliant 2-inch color, high-resolution screen that can be fully personalized to suit the particular products you wish to control with exciting, custom graphics. Your installer can label every button with fun icons, and configure your system so that a single button press enables you power up the entertainment room, set a lighting level, or any combination of events you can dream up. The MX-890 also includes all the hard buttons you're accustomed to for fast access to every function. Feel free to move about the house Gone are the days of pointing the remote at the product you wish to turn on or turn up! When used with one of our award winning base stations - such as the MRX-1, MRF-350 or MRF-260 - the MX-890 remote can operate equipment through walls, cabinet doors or from outside. You don't have to point or be in the same room as the music player or flat screen-you can still control them entirely. And, there's no need to purchase batteries. The URC MX-890 sits in an attractive tabletop charging cradle, and is always ready for action the moment you pick it up. Compatibility: URC Network Base Stations: ? MRX-1 ? MRF-350 ? MRF-260
Universal Remote Control
Universal Remote MX-990 Complete Control IR/RF Remote With Color LCD Screen
The most advanced URC CCP-series remote ever The MX-990 is our most advanced remote in the Complete Control? line of products that gives a whole new level of personalization to suit your home control needs. It bears our latest design and form factor, and delivers complete control of virtually any kind of entertainment system or home theater, from the basic to most elaborate. You and your family will be able to control nearly every audio and video product you own, all with a simple press of a button. Unleash your creativity With the help of your authorized URC installer, your MX-990 remote screens and graphics can be fully customized. It boasts a 'freeform graphics feature' that allows your installation specialist to create graphics just the way you want. In addition to this flexibility in design and layout, channel your creativity to configure any combination of actions - one button press can turn on your TV and switch to start your favorite movie for family movie night. Stress-free and 'off the network' The new CCP remote requires a simple setup that accepts all MX-980 files, and works with the popular, bulletproof Narrow-Band RF. That means that you can freely move around your home and select entertainment components in any room in the house and operate devices through walls. No additional home networking gear or service is required with our CCP line, which ensures your system is always up and running! Package Contents: ? MX-990 Complete Control's Most Advanced Remote ? Battery ? Charging Cradle
Universal Remote Control
URC MRF-350i 433 MHz RF Addressable Base Station MRF350i Universal
RF to IR base station (MRF-350i is 433MHz, MRF-350 is 418MHz) Addressable RF base station with RFX-250 antenna module Multi-zone compatible Six (6) independently routed IR emitter outputs Built-in front panel IR blaster Available with 418 MHz or 433 MHz antenna The MRF-350 is the versatile companion RF base station for URC’s many narrow band remote controls. The MRF-350 receives Narrow Band RF (radio frequency) signals via the RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module). The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. Simply relocate the RFX-250 out of the interference area to resolve the problem. The base station features six adjustable (variable) line outputs which provide an additional degree of fine tuning for devices susceptible to IR overload. The MRF-350’s rear panel also includes an IR input which will relay IR data from IR repeaters or multi-zone keypads to all IR line outputs (does not support IR routing). URC’s Narrow Band capability facilitates significant installation advantages. In addition to improving devices’ range and reliability, it improves spurious adjacent signal rejection, ignoring unneeded signals. This allows the MRF-350 to operate equipment in up to 15 locations, like a training room or a boardroom, anywhere in the office just install an MRF-350 at each location. You can expand the range by adding additional RFX-250 RF Sensors in remote areas. The MRF-350 can power up to three RFX-250 RF Sensors connected in parallel to the RF Input connector. You can control six identical components or zones—up to fifteen MRF-350s in the same installation. The MRF-350 has six “addressable” IR Line Outputs. For example, you can control up to six identical TVs with one MRF-350 or route volume commands for a specific zone to a particular zone IR input on a multi-zone pre-amp. If you have more than six identical components or zones, up to 15 MRF-350s can be separately installed to control them—thereby allowing up to 90 identical components or zones in one house. The MRF-350 eliminates the line-of-sight requirement for your clients, allowing them to experience true “Barrier Free” control. Ideal Application Boardrooms, sophisticated restaurant/lounge, training room/classroom, SoHo. Compatibility Install with any URC RF compatible remote control. Note that the MRF-350 and MRF-350i differ only in transmission frequency (MRF-350i is 433MHz, MRF-350 is 418MHz); however, i-series controllers must be matched with i-series base stations
Universal Remote Control
UNIVERSAL REMOTE RFX-250 Antenna Module (For use with UNIMRF350)
? Combines with UNIMRF350 to extend RF automation to all areas & rooms of even the largest estates? 100ft range (approximate range will vary depending upon operational & environmental conditions);? Dim: 2.5"H x 1.5"W x 1"D;? No power supply required;? 1-year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized dealer / ONE YEAR
Universal Remote Control
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