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Luthier Tool Straight Edge Notched Scale 24.75 / 25.5 for Gibson Fender | Guitar Necks .125 x 1.5 x 23.25 6061 T6511 ASPS
Description – Manufactured in the United States this straight edge can be used for any 24.75 or 25.5 scale instruments. It’s made from strongest tempered aluminum we can find (6061-T65 tempered) and measures about 1.5 x 18.5 inches and is 1/8 in. thick aluminum. It has the 24.75 scale on one side and the 25.5 scale on the other side for Fender or Gibson style guitars. Can be used for 21-24 fret style necks as well. The 25.5 scale has 22 fret slots and the 24.75 scale has 23 fret slots. Both scales will fit if your instrument has more than the 22 or 23 frets. It ships with reinforced packaging to prevent bending in shipment. These are manufactured in North Carolina, USA. Some features of our scales include: •Higher grade Aluminum. •Round Notches instead of Square Notches. •“Offset Scale” for higher compatibility. •Best information on compatibility. •Temperature Declaration for better accuracy. •Declared hardness rating of T52. •Ours in made in NC, USA preventing the use of any foreign child labor in this product. •Use green energies and recycled packaging whenever possible to reduce our carbon foot print. •We use the hardest cutting bit that we can find for less variation. •Made by dedicated hard tooling (CNC vs ASPS Machining) •Manufacture using lower spindle heights. •Manufacture using massive spindle mass for less variation. •The scale identification sticker is put on correctly.
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