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Chaos Wars - PlayStation 2
Model Compatibility: PlayStation 2ESRB Content Description: Suggestive themesElectronics Condition: NewVideo Game Genre: JRPGESRB Age Rating: T - TeenSoftware Format: Physical & bull; Thirty-six protagonists from such titles as Shadow Hearts, Growlanser, Gungrave, and Generation of Chaos have united against a common threat. & bull; Assemble a party of heroes to engage in turn-based battles against a variety of monsters. & bull; A key feature in Chaos Wars is the ability to freely move characters within a circular area instead of a fixed number of squares or spaces, as is typical of the genre. & bull; A menu display lets players issue commands to attack, cast magic, or use items until the battle is won.Chaos Wars is a strategy turn based JRPG developed by Idea Factory featuring characters from multiple game franchises! Join the story of Hyoma, the protagonist who dreams of another world over a pillar of light coming from his family shrine that has been missing since his ancestor's time. The next day, he decides to take his two friends, Shizuku and Hayatemaru, to investigate the mountains where his dream took place. During their investigation, they find a cave with strange technology but as they are looking into it, the machines activate and a bright light appears, taking them to another world known as Endia. Here your adventure begins....
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Fairytale Fights - Playstation 3
Model Compatibility: PlayStation 3ESRB Content Description: Suitable_for_mature_usersElectronics Condition: NewVideo Game Genre: AdventureDeveloper: PlaylogicESRB Age Rating: M - MatureSoftware Format: Physical & bull; Pick up many different weapons lay strewn throughout the fairytale kingdom. & bull; Slice and dice your way through swathes of cute fluffy bunnies and other imposing enemies. & bull; 4-player drop-in/drop-out coop mode. & bull; Six unique worlds each with 4 sub levels that differ from each other. & bull; 3D Hack and Slash platformer with a unique 1st time ever dynamic slicing feature.Explore the darker side of your favorite fairytale characters in this hack and slash gore-fest platform adventure! Fairytale Fights is a truly twisted story where players assume the role of a much-loved fairytale character like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and more whose glory days have long since passed. While embarking on a seemingly innocent journey to save a colorful fantasy world from certain disaster, players will traverse a series of colorful and enthralling levels filled to the brim with action-packed combat and fairytale-style storylines.
Udon Entertainment
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