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VR Oculus Quest 2 Halo Strap - Adjustable Replacement for Quest 2 Elite Strap - Relieved Face ?Pressure Comfortable Touch - Oculus Quest 2 VR Accessories Head Strap (White)
Less Pressure on Your Face – head strap set can effectively and evenly distribute the pressure from multiple angles. The unique "hat brim" design can greatly reduce the pressure on the face, which is way much better than the Quest 2 elite strap. More Comfortable Experience in Gaming – With new tech memory foam material and ABS plastic, it's not only breathable and soft, but also take you more comfortable experience in game time. And it adopts a rotatable adjustment method, allowing you to enjoy the 360-degree gaming with more immersive experience. Adjustable Size Fit for All Ages Players – Just retota the round rotation button at the back, you can freely adjust the size of the headset, so you needn't to hesitate because you can't confirm the applicable size of the different head. It's a perfect partner for your Oculus Quest 2. Easy to Install – always focusing on the details of product, the Velcro design makes the PU foam pad easily to be removed, clean and installed Head Strap Set Compatible for Oculus Quest 2 | Jayol Quest 2 Accessories While the Oculus Quest 2 is blissfully simple to use, there is a variety of great accessories you can buy to make your VR experience even more comfortable, immersive and long-lasting. QUEST 2 Head Strap Set that effectively take you more comfortable wearing experience.
Gel Seat Cushion, Office Chair Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Cover Breathable Honeycomb Pain Relief Sciatica Egg Crate Cushion for Office Chair Car Wheelchair(15.7*13*1.6inch)
Restains Its Shape: Gel seat cushion won't lose its support even after long term use. Fits Most Chairs:Support in your computer chair,office chair,deep seat,car seat or recliner. With Non-slip Cover: Included a soft,machine-washable slip cover. Help Relieve Pain: Effectively prevent and alleviate various pain symptoms, including tail bone problems, lumbar strain, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease. Relieve sedentary fatigue, avoid soreness and numbness caused by compression of the buttocks muscles, create a relaxed and comfortable sitting position,and let the body relax better. Honeycomb Structure gel cushion honeycomb structure can disperse your body weight evenly, effectively prevent and alleviate various pain symptoms Medical Grade Gel The latest upgrade double gel seat cushion is made of high-elastic polymer material, double-layer design, softer, better elasticity and heat dissipation. Soft Sitting Soft material make it perfectly fits the buttocks curve, disperses the pressure of the whole buttocks and thighs. Double Layer Thickness Upgraded to double layer thick, makes it enough to support any weight of the body without limited. Breathable Mesh Cloth The upgraded version of fabric is smooth, skin-friendly, comfortable, breathable, safe and easy to clean. Non-Slip Bottom The anti-slip bottom prevents it from slipping on most chairs. And the cushion is pretty suitable for office chair,car chair,wheelchair,sofa and so on. Durable Zipper A built zipper is on the side of the removable cover,you just need open the zipper and put the cover in the washing machine for cleaning. Machine Washable Non-Slip Cover The cool gel cushion includes anti-slip cloth cover,it is can stably fixed anywhere and not easily fall off.
For Oculus Quest 2 VR Shell Front Face Protector Cover Anti Scratch Anti Dust Anti Shock,washed soft flexible
Camera Clearance: Machined with sub-millimeter precision VR Shell is completely unobtrusive to camera tracking while preventing damage from all angles Heat Dispersion: Secure thermo-plastics with ventilation in 4 critical sections ensure heat dispersion occurs uninterrupted during gameplay sessions High Quality Material: The material is made in soft premium silicone, which would protest lens of oculus quest well Environment Friendly: could be washed in the water and dishwasher, soft and flexible
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