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STORMp3 Water Resistant Mp3 Speaker: Internal Memory, Portable Design, Brilliant Sound.
Internal Memory, Water Resistant, Portable Design, Brilliant Sound! Break away from Bluetooth! Finally, an easier way to listen to music in the shower. No more having to sync up your phone or computer. No more mysterious disconnections. No more draining the battery of your smart device. No more listening to FM static. With STORMp3, simply add music to the internal memory of the speaker (the same way you would with an iPod) and your always 1 click away from crisp sounding music. Simply slide STORMp3 off the bracket and take it with you wherever you want. Poolside, bedroom, parties, the beach.... there is no limit to where you can take STORMp3 because its water resistant! You will be impressed with the big sound that comes from its small size. Guaranteed!
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