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tightvac everythingvac bulk dry goods storage container, 5 pounds plus, solid black body/cap
The Tightvac Storage System is a unique patented vacuum seal closure system, which allows moisture to escape, keeping your goods dry and oxygen free. The Tightvac EverythingVac will double and even triple the shelf life of your dry goods. This container will store up to 5 lbs. plus of coffee beans or ground coffee, 5 lbs. plus of tea, pasta, cereals, pet foods, 10 pounds of rice, flour, sugar and large bags of bagels, crackers or 2 regular loaves of bread. Tightvac's EverythingVac is easy and reusable; simply line the arrows with the buttons on the side of the cap and push down or pull off, twist right to lock and twist left to unlock. Use all of our products; Tightvacs, Coffeevacs, Kilovacs, Minivacs and Vitavacs for a multitude of household storage purposes, from small to large, in a variety of colors and styles. Hand wash only.UPC NO:609465408859 SKU:ADIB0046JB0KA
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