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Thonet & Vander FLUG BlueTooth Receiver
Thonet & Vander FLUG BlueTooth Receiver - German Engineering and Design MUSIC IN THE AIR Connect Flug® to your speakers or audio system. Pair with any Bluetooth device. Make your speakers Bluetooth and play your music wirelessly DESIGN In Flug® is known for its cutting edge aesthetic, with primacy of organic lines, light is distributed smoothly through the sides. It has a compact size, exactly 24 x 72 x 64 mm. It has a curved morphology with hexagonal details, reflecting the freedom that emanates from its function
Thonet & Vander USA
Thonet and Vander GUT Sound Bar Bluetooth 120W Peak Power Speaker System for Home Theater
This Bluetooth Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer delivers up to 120 peak watts of pure awesome sound. Experience realistic cinema effects, right from your living room, with this premium german-engineered sound bar. Stream your favorite songs from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer with Bluetooth. Turns your TV into a complete home theater. The Thonet and Vander GUT Bluetooth Soundbar is designed and built for powerful optimum sound. This soundbar is thoughtfully made using special HDAA Wood with 2 full range and 2 mid-low frequency speakers which delivers the realistic effects that makes movie watching binge-worthy. If you're looking to upgrade your TV into a full home theater, the Thonet and Vander GUT Bluetooth Soundbar features a 3-year warranty if registered on our website. If not registered, your product will have 12 months of warranty. Key components manufactured in Germany and assembled in PRC. This Bluetooth soundbar speaker enhances any home, studio or office entertainment center with best quality surround sound. Makes the perfect Father's Day gift, for your spouse, boss or audiophile friend and home theater lovers of all ages. Upgrade your home theater and achieve the perfect sound experience for your TV. Easy to connect and brings a convenient remote control. Works great with all major TV brands including Samsung, Vizio, LG, Insignia, Yamaha, TCL, Toshiba, Sony and more. UPC NO: 4260411270768 SKU: ADIB07FDH18FY
Thonet & Vander USA
Thonet and Vander VERTRAG BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers 2.0 - Optical Input - 46 Watts RMS
Thonet & Vander VERTRAG 2.0 Wooden Bookshelf Speakers, Black (Pair) - German Engineering & Design VERTRAG / compact shape, wide sound Engineering and design at the service of your senses, so you can perceive sounds with enhanced intensity and power. Vertrag is a new way of listening to music. Its technological and acoustic innovations enable you to perceive every detail of your favorite music. Vertrag has a power output of 32 watts RMS, 16 watts for each speaker. It´s perfect for listening to music with amazing power and sound quality. SOUND QUALITY Vertrag delivers a high quality sound, with a high response and performance. It has the ability to harmonize perfectly the extreme treble and bass frequencies, allowing a pure playback of music. It´s essential for those who seek high performance equipment in the home audio system range. DESIGN In Vertrag we can appreciate a geometric design where the fine details in the lateral angles add a fresh and dynamic note. Medium sized, exactly 161 x 190 x 240 mm, it has the ability to provide class and elegance to every room of your house. HDAA (HIGH DENSITY ACOUSTIC ABSORBER) It is a natural polymer of high density that when combined, generates a more rigid and dense material than the MDF manufactured today. These properties prevent vibration and leakage of sound, enabling a more accurate, efficient and sustainable performance. ANTIMAGNETIC SHIELD It is a technology that allows you to isolate the sound of external interference, allowing a pure and crystal clear sound flow without noises irruptions. MESH This protective cloth works as a shield,protecting the drivers from any damage and from all kinds of harmful agents. This helps to take care of both sound quality and equipment performance. BASS REFLEX The Bass Reflex Sound enhances the sound expelled through the rear of the diaphragm. This way the resonance system increases the bass response of the controller and optimizes the efficiency and performance of low frequencies. WOOFER Each speaker has a 4-inch woofer made of cane lignin fiber. This natural polymer is ultra-durable and lightweight, optimizing the driver´s performance. The upper suspension ring is made of rubber, allowing greater displacement sensitivity. TWEETER The 0.5 inches tweeter is made entirely of polyethylene micro sheets, which provide precision and detail on treble TECHNICAL FEATURES • POWER OUTPUT: 32W RMS (16W + 16W) • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 60Hz - 20kHz • ACUSTIC BOX MATERIAL: Wooden box HDAA • ACUSTIC BOX SIZE: 262 x 192 x 150 mm • DRIVER SIZE: Woofer 4" • DRIVER MATERIAL: Cane Lignin • IMPEDANCE/POWER: 4 ? 15W • TWEETER SIZE: 0.5" • TWEETER MATERIAL: Polyethylene micro sheets • IMPEDANCE/POWER: 4 ? 20W • ANTIMAGNETIC SHIELD: Yes • CONTROLS: volume, treble, bass • INPUTS: Dual RCA stereo • INPUT VOLTAGE: 100V - 240V • COLOR: Black
Thonet & Vander USA
Thonet and Vander DUNN Sound Bar 2.1 with Wireless Subwoofer Bluetooth 250W Peak Power Speaker System for Home Theater
DUNN Is Cinematic Experience, Designed For Home Entertainment, This Sound Bar Is Integrated Into Your TV And Several Devices Easily With Bluetooth® And Optical Connectivity Technology. Locate The Wireless Subwoofer Anywhere In The Room And Get A Surround Bass Effect. With A Single Click Enjoy The Ideal Equalization For Movies And News Or Manually Adjust It Making The Experience Yours. Technical Charasteristics: Power Output: 250 Watts Peak Frequency Response: 60Hz -20KHz. Distorsion: 2% -1W S/N: 60dB, + 4dBu WIRELESS SUBWOOFER Acoustic Box Material: Wooden Box HDAA Acoustic Box Size: 200 X 200 X250mm Woofer Size: 4" Driver Material: Cane Lignin Impedance: 4 O SOUND BAR Satellite Size: 750 X 58 X 60mm Woofer Full-Range Size: 2.5" Woofer Full-Range Material: Reed Lignin Impedance: 4 O Inputs: Bluetooth® / 3.5mm Aux / Optical S/PDIF ACCESORIES Remote Control Stereo Audio Cable RCA 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable 3.5mm-3.5mm External Power Supply: Input 100-240 Vac 50/60Hz 2.1 A Max / Output DC 12V 1A
Thonet & Vander USA
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