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Engineering Development Board Featuring The W65C265S 8/16-bit Microcomputer
The W65C265SXB is based around the W65C265S which is a feature rich 8/16–bit microcomputer based on the W65C816 microprocessor. With proven functionality for developing microcontroller applications in production that require in-system diagnostics, the W65C265SXB is a perfect solution. The W65C265S microcomputer features internal system monitor ROM with computer terminal interface and built-in library for developing controller applications. In addition, WDC’s library purchased with WDCTools provide you with robust libraries for developing applications for sensing, processing, communicating and actuating such as pressure, temperature, revolutions per minute, flow monitoring and control. Likewise, for example variable climate control or other systems for scientific, automotive, communications, and home appliance/automation benefit from our Assembler and ANSI Standard C compiler with libraries. Developed in the USA.
The Western Design Center, Inc.
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