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Tele Vue Adapter for Long Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes #ACC-0003
Long Adapter to use Televue 2" Diagonals (#DPC-2002 and DSC-2001) on Schmidt-Cassegrain TelescopesFor the Short Version 2" Diagonal #DPS-2004 use the #ACS-004 Short Schmidt Cassegraing Adapter
Tele Vue
Tele Vue 2x Barlow Lens, 1.25". #BLW-2125
Tele Vue 2x 1.25" Barlow Offered in 2x and 3x magnifications, these 1 & #188;" Barlows perform identically. Simply choose either or both based on your eyepiece collection. Features include parfocal-ization, 1 & #188;" filter threads, captive lock screws that won't fall out and full multicoatings. Barlows Concept: I originally designed the Tele Vue Barlow line to complement the high performance of our eyepieces. Only 2 elements of high index glass were required to reduce all aberrations to well below the airy disc in an f/4 system. It has taken a good 15 years, but I think we're finally laying to rest the popular myth of the "degrading Barlow." In a 1997 Sky & Telescope review, Terrence Dickenson wrote "...Technology has erased the old objections. A modern Barlow will not degrade your telescope's optics. Anyone telling you otherwise is using outdated information. Moreover, the highly regarded Nagler eyepieces and their clones have built-in Barlows - ample evidence that the lens is not some detrimental intruder." Thanks Terry, I couldn't agree more. Al Nagler Properly designed Barlows do wonderful things: They amplify power, slow the telescope's f/# (improving eyepiece sharpness), and give designers the opportunity to compensate for eyepiece aberrations. Tele Vue Barlows use multi-coated high index glasses for optimum aberration correction, exceptional contrast with virtually no lightloss. Observed performance is aberration free, even when tested with f/4 scopes. They even improve our competitor's eyepieces and telescopes! Tele Vue Quality Compromise image quality in any part of the optical chain and you've compromised every part! Tele Vue product design and execution deliver consummate satisfaction. Every Tele Vue Barlow must pass the same rigorous f/4, full field testing as all our eyepieces. All Tele Vue Barlows now use brass clamp rings for secure, non marring holding of eyepieces and accessories
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Tele Vue Mount Ring Set for 5" Diameter Tubes #MRS-5000
Mount Ring Set for 5" Diameter Tube This is the mount ring set that had been standard with the NPC-5052 Dual rings with bat-handle locks Accessory slots for Starbeam, Piggy-Cam, etc. Multi-hole base plate for attachment to various mounts and mounting adapters
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Tele Vue Mounting Block Adapter X-Y Mount. #MBC-1001
This part allows the x-Y Accessory Mount to be attached to the SCT Accessory bracket #SAB1001. This allows the TV-60 to be used as a finderscope on Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes
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Tele Vue 3-6mm Nagler Zoom 1.25" Eyepiece. #ENZ-0306
Since the time of Galileo, short-focal-length (hence high-magnification) eyepieces have been notoriously difficult to look through. That has changed in recent years, especially with the introduction of Tele Vue's line of Radian eyepieces (a 1999 Hot Product). The Tele Vue zoom is small, lightweight, and offers the same magnifications (with click-stop settings) as four Radians while maintaining a constant focus and 50 degree apparent field. It also lets observers choose in-between focal lengths, thus giving them the ability to tune the maginfication to atmospheric conditions, which is very critical for high-power viewing. Although the zoom's 10-millimeter eye relief isn't long enough for eyeglass wearers, it is enough to make this a very comfortable eyepiece to look through.Surprise! 3mm-6mm Planetary Nagler Zoom! This high performance, high-contrast, high power eyepiece is ready to take its place among the best planetary eyepieces available,... but with a "Nagler" twist. Tele-Vue incorporated its proven "Nagler" concept into a zoom, while optimizing for the performance factors critical to planetary observers; contrast, resolution and comfortable eye-relief. The Nagler Zoom is "tack-sharp" across its constant 50 & #176; apparent field, and throughout its 3mm-6mm focal length range, even in fast APO scopes. The 3mm-6mm Nagler Zoom is parfocal throughout its zoom range, parfocal with other Tele Vue 1 & #188;" eyepieces and has a constant 10mm eye-relief. Weight is only 0.3 lbs. And, as seemingly unbelievable as it all sounds, the design includes just 5 elements in 3 groups. In case you're not counting, that's the same number of air-glass surfaces found in a Plossl or Ortho plus a Barlow! Why did they design this eyepiece? By dialing-in the best "balance" between magnification, exit pupil size, and atmospheric turbulence, the critical planetary observer can find the best possible image for the observing conditions. The 3mm-6mm Nagler Zoom features Click f/Stops at 3, 4, 5, and 6mm, full multi-coating, blackened lens edges, fold-down eyeguard, rubber grip-ring, safety undercut, anti-reflection threads and filter threads. May the "compromised zoom" mythology rest in peace!
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Tele Vue 3" Ring Mount for 85/76mm Scopes - Black Satin finish #RS3-8003
3" Ring Mount-for TV 85, 76 and Pronto to fit Tele Vue Mounts
Tele Vue
tele vue 13mm nagler type 6 1.25" ultra wide field eyepiece with 82 degree field of view.
Blackened lens edges, anti-reflection threads and rubber eyeguards deliver maximum contrast. 100% full field visual inspection on our own flat-field test instruments guarantees the performance of every Tele Vue eyepiece.82, 13mm 9mm, 7mm and 5mm focal lengths are a compact 7-element design using different exotic materials plus coating processes. Untouched is the full field pinpoint sharpness, but this series benefits from greater contrast. All focal lengths feature 12mm of eye-relief.High technology, parfocal 1 1/4" eyepieces, with 12mm eye relief. Perfect medium/high power eyepieces for the finest telescopes.UPC NO:5060228063589 SKU:ADIB0039ZNHVC
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Televue 40mm Plossl 1.25 inch (1-1/4 in.) Eyepiece
Specially for eyeglass wearers, Tele Vue included a long eye relief 40mm focal length in the series with a 43 degree apparent field. Like the 55mm, its focal plane is at the barrel edge for maximum field in the 1 1/4 format. The Al Nagler eyepiece design that laid the foundation for the Tele Vue reputation. Since their introduction, Tele Vue Plossls have been a recognized benchmark of performance and value in the class of 50 degree apparent field of view eyepieces. With noticeably less astigmatism and lateral color at fields edge, they deliver sharper images than any other 4 or 5 element Plossl. For a bit more than generic brands, you can own a genuine Tele Vue Plossl. Remember, youll always be happy with the best. Add full multicoatings, blackened lens edges, parfocalization, anti-reflection and filter threads, saftey undercuts, and rubber eyeguards resulted in contrast, sharpness, and quality levels that launched the Tele Vue spacewalk quest. UPC NO: 410000033593 SKU: CONSEB0001GO176
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