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TECHGIANT iPad 2 Case cover for Apple iPad 2 Wifi/3G 16GB/32GB/64GB Patented non-sticky adhesive Pad (Also Work on iPad 3)
Feature 1. Patented Atmospheric pressure non-sticky adhesive technology soft padding not sticky to human hands 2. Seamless fitment, light-weight design. Thinnest ipad 2 cover in the market today. 3. Easy installation. Simply put it on the back of your ipad 2, apply a little pressure and it will stay on. 4. Can be reused unlimited number of times. washable and It will stay sticky for as long as you own it. 5. No adhesive residue like the glue-on case. No damage to the edge of your ipad 2 like the clip-on case. High quality scratch 1.Works Perfectly along with ipad 2 smart covers. Color matching, Seamless fitment, light weight and incredibly easy installation. The sticky case can be reused unlimited numbers of times without losing its stickiness. Works even better than the magnetic smart cover! 2.Using the concept of Atmospheric pressure, once installed, the non-sticky adhesive soft pad will be tightly stick on to ipad 2 by squeezing out the excessive air between ipad 2 and the sticky case. The longer it stays on, the tighter it gets. However It is sticky to the human hands or any other objects.3.The seamless stick-on design will not damage the edge of your ipad 2 or leave any residue like the conventional clip-on or glue-on. It can be reused unlimited number of times. The light weight seamless fitment makes it one with your ipad 2.4.Special designed high quality coating finishes makes the sticky case dirt and scratch resistance and can withstand scratches from sharp objects such as pen or keys. 5.Available in many different colors for the unique you. 6.The highest safety and quality control standards. It is also produced with green/environmental friendly materials.7.Environmental friendly/reusable/ washable8.Material: POLYLACSEBS9.Approval: RoHS/ EN71/ 8th elements of heavy metal/ No dissolution10.Material patent: 10020664811. **iPad 2/3 AND SMART COVER NOT INCLUDED**
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