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team blacksheep tbs diamond antenna
The Crossfire Antenna to Rule Them All Antenna orientation, wear & tear, and non-directionality have been the source of some range issues with our long range and mini quad pilots. We sat down with IBCrazy and he designed this antenna to be as durable as possible. A diamond lasts forever! More Range With a slight directionality to give you more range when flying in front of you, but still, maintain a solid link when flying behind you. The antenna uses the ground you are standing on to reflect and therefore boost your signal out beyond what traditional antennas can manage. The StoryA few pilots were experiencing drop-outs at what seemed to be random times. I investigated 4 cases an found that all the dropouts were happening all at the same relative azimuth. it was apparent that conductive ground was causing a null between the 0-5 and 15-20 degree azimuth. This wasn't a Crossfire problem at all! I was a problem with the ground they were standing on! To fix this, I designed an antenna that not only would resist the effect of ground but would track along the ground for low altitude flying. To do this a balanced closed loop structure was needed. The result was the TBS Diamond antenna. "-- Alex "IBCrazy" Greve, Dec 9th, 2017Specifications Connector: SMA Male Weight: 20.6 gSize: 135 x 120 mmGain: 2.88 dBFrequency: 850 - 950MHzSuggested for: TBS Crossfire TX or TBS Crossfire Micro TX UPC NO: 741587425847 SKU: ADIB0793TC63L
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