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1PCS Basal Digital Thermometer Oral Body Temperature by Rectal Underarm Professional Precision Thermometer Accurate and Fast Readings with Fever Indicator Cover for Baby Child Adult Pet
Our Digital Thermometer offers safe, fast and accurate fever and body temperature measurement readings for baby, child, adult and even lovely pets. Clinical thermometer for oral, underarm and rectal use. Ideal for all ages babies, children ,adults and animals and pets 1. Measure Range: 89.6 F-107.6 F 2. Measure Time: One minute- Two minutes 3. Measure Unit: Fahrenheit 4. Accuracy:0.2 F 5. Waterproof: Only head ,Yes 6. DC1.5V LR41 button Battery LR41 battery use time about 200 Hours. 7. Memory Storage: 1 set (last measure) Using Method: 1.Before using, please clean the thermometer sensor head with water or other. 2.Press the power button, and the buzzer will beep and the LCD screen will display 188.8 and other the symbol such as the Lo and the last temperature result. 3.When Lo appear with F flashing displays, the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring. But if the room temperature is lower than 89.6F, the room temperature would be displayed instead of "Lo" 4.Put the thermometer sensing head into the measuring area, and the display temperature gradually increases. At the same time, the F symbol will flicker, indicating that the measurement is carried out. When the beep sound ,please wait more 120 seconds or 2 minutes ,then take the thermometer out that you can get more Accurate result. And the degree sign of F on the LCD will stop flashing. 5.The thermometer will automatically turn off in about 10 minutes for energy-saving.
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