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Sloovery Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Charging Station, Over The Head Headsets with Noise Cancelling Microphone, Business Headset fit Truck Driver,Call Center, Office, Skype
1.Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset with Micphone-Offering advanced noise-suppression microphone and Bluetooth A2DP Technology, the Afurdel Bluetooth Headset provides a truly outstanding audio for calls, music and multi-media.can ensure crystal-clear conversations even in noisy environment,the newest noise cancelling tech,can pick up your voice exactly and block the noise from the Truck Driver,Call Center, Office, Skype,Business Customer Service. 2.Long Lasting Battery with charging base-call center headphones with microphone can offer up to 15-17 hours continuous talking time and 200 hours standby time with single fully charged in just 2 hours; the headphones with charge station,just put it on the sleek charging base with a micro USB,which means you can focus on your work. 3.Wear Comfortable and Lightweight- Over The Head Headset net weights 1.8 oz, will not cause the feeling of overwhelming on your head, and offers you an ultra comfortable experience for extended periods of time wearing. Enjoy extended comfort with soft ear padded and flexible headband and 300 ° rotating microphones. 4.Newest Bluetooth V5.0 A2DP technology- with newest bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth A2DP technology ,Bluetooth headsets provides quickly,stable signal transmission,lower power consumption and enable to 33ft Transmission. 5.Pair Two Devices At Once-The Office Wireless Headphones can pair with any bluetooth-enabled devices and can connect with 2 devices at one time,you can enjoy the music,but not miss any call. 1. Bluetooth pairing and connection A. Long press the multifunction button for 5-8 seconds to enter the pairing mode, red and blue flash alternately. B. Turn on the bluetooth of the mobile phone and click search. When "BH-M97" appears, click the pairing connection. After the connection is successful, the LED turns to blue light flashing slowly, and the mobile phone displays "BH-M97" connected. At this time, you can listen through the Bluetooth headset Music or phone calls in the phone. C. Through the multi-function button, volume up button, and volume down button on the Bluetooth headset, you can control the answering, hanging up and music play/pause, up and down music, volume up and down, and other functions. 2. Connect 2 device A. Connect the first mobile phone as above, and then turn off the Bluetooth function of the first mobile phone. B. Put the BH-M97 in pairing mode again when not connected to the standby state, double-click the multi-function button to enter the pairing mode, and the indicator light will flash red and blue alternately. C. Turn on the Bluetooth of the second mobile phone and click Search. When "BH-M97" appears, click to connect. After the connection is successful, the indicator light turns to blue and flashes slowly. D. Re-open the Bluetooth of the first mobile phone and find the pairing record of "BH-M97", click to connect, and it will realize the one-for-two function when the connection is successful. *When one-for-two, you can only play the music of one mobile phone. When you want to play the music of another mobile phone, you need to pause or turn off the music of the previous mobile phone. The same is true for calls.
Sloovery USB Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter 2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter with LCD Display for Car TV PC Headphones Home Sound
2in1 bluetooth adapter car MP3 Player Bluetooth Transmitters Wireless Audio Adapter Wireless Streaming Audio Devices bluetooth receiver with lcd display bluetooth usb adapter 2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth car adapter Receiver Transmitter 2 in 1:As Receiver, enable bluetooth on smartphone in the settings, seach 'Wireless Music Adapter'. it lets non-Bluetooth devices and wirelessly stream music from your cellphone. Press up or down to choose music. Hold long press up or down to contrl the volume. Press '-' to play/pause music. Quick guide is only fit for MP3 format. As Transmitter, it enables turn non-Bluetooth TV,PC,other home audio source devices to stream music to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. Visual Screen-LCD display:Newly upgraded bluetooth adapter with a LCD display screen. You can easy to get the information of the Transmitter/Receiver status from at the screen. It shows Bluetooth connection status. Bluetooth 5.0:Bluetooth 5.0 chip faster and more stable. High-fidelity chip, wider signal range of 10M Barrier-free. This audio Bluetooth adapter support 3.5mm aux audio, and also compatible with smartphones, bluetooth audio devices (Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers and much more). Bluetooth Compatibility:This receiver transmitter can be directly used for PC, etc. via USB. This audio Bluetooth adapter support 3.5mm aux audio; and this receiver transmitter adapter can be widely used in compatible with TV, car stereo, smartphones, bluetooth audio devices (Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers and much more).Only suitable for audio transmission, does not support the microphone call function. Wireless,Easy to Carry, Plug & Play:Bluetooth transmitter and receiver without installing any external driver. Plug the device into a USB port to supply power. The device will automatically start up, the screen will display "TX Searching"/"RX BT-disconnet", then enter bluetooth search status. Long press the left and right function keys at the same time to switch the transmitting/receiving mode.
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