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Slendertone CoreFit - Black
Dimensions (Overall): 1.0 Inches (H) x 5.0 Inches (W) x 40.0 Inches (D)Weight: 1.4 ouncesIncludes: Gel Pads, USB CableFeatures: Ergonomic DesignAssembly Details: No Assembly RequiredTargeted Muscle Area: AbdominalFitness Goal: Core Muscle Conditioning, Core Stability, ToningMaterial: Neoprene & bull;FACE UP DISPLAY: New Improved display to easily see your progress while toning and adjust the intensity level. & bull;10 TONING PROGRAMS: For all levels from beginner to advanced, progress through programs to reach your toning goals. & bull;UNIQUE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed to fit around the natural curves with optimum compression for comfortable toning. & bull;FDA CLEARED TECHNOLOGY: Clinically-demonstrated EMS technology to tone, firm and strengthen abdominal muscles.Slendertone comfortably tones and firms your abs, any time, anywhere.HOW DOES SLENDERTONE WORK:Slendertone exercises all 4 of the abdominal muscles simultaneously using a patented system of EMS that stimulates the muscles to contract and relax. Over time, this repetitive action causes the muscles to become stronger, more toned and more firmed.WHAT DOES SLENDERTONE FEEL LIKE?When you first start toning, you will feel a tingly sensation.As you increase the intensity you will start to feel distinct muscle contractions. This is when Slendertone (and you) are optimizing your workout.It should not be uncomfortable, but you should feel like you have pushed yourself a little harder every time. You should be able to hold a conversation, work at your desk or do chores around the house.CLINICALLY DEMONSTRATED RESULTS:100% of users reported their abdominal muscles felt firmer and more toned after 6 weeks.92% of users felt that the firmness and strength of their ab muscles had increased.(University of Wisconsin-La Cross, Dept of Exercise & Sport Science. Clinical Study published Jan 2018)SLENDERTONE is not a weight loss or fat reduction product. Eat right, exercise and use SLENDERTONE for muscle toning.
Slendertone Abs Gel Pads Gray
Number of Pieces: 3Dimensions (Overall): 8.0 Inches (H) x 5.0 Inches (W) x .1 Inches (D)Weight: .14 PoundsIncludes: Gel PadsTargeted Muscle Area: AbdominalFitness Goal: Core Muscle ConditioningMaterial: Silicone & bull; Especially designed, premium quality abdominal toner belts & bull; Suited to 20-30 toning sessions focused on core muscle strengthening & bull; Contains a set of 3 gel padsThe Slendertone Gel Pads are medical-grade quality and designed to fit all Slendertone ab toning systems. The Gel Pads can be used for 20-30 toning sessions and provide an effective and comfortable workout session. Includes one set of 3 Gel Pads.
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